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Italy Is Not the Problem

Amanda Knox was arrested on the charge of murder in Italy. She was convicted in Italy. She has been in prison for the last three years in Italy. But Italy is not the problem.

People talk about the case, the evidence, and the trial that ended in Amanda being sentenced to 26 years in prison. It was not however, the Italian people nor the Italian legal system that that we should be upset with. One Italian prosecutor is not Italy nor does he represent Italy. One trial in one Italian city does not represent the entire Italian legal system, and the Italian appeals system is a very good one- you get not one- but two appeals in Italy. And Amanda's appeal is coming up this November, so we should wait for the outcome and give the Italian legal system a chance to do their job without catching a lot of flak from upset Americans. Because really, that is not going to do anyone any good. Amanda loves Italy and the Italian people, and she has stated that she still has faith in the Italian system- and she is sitting in prison. So if Amanda can keep her faith in Italy after all she has been through, than we too should have a little faith in Amanda's coming appeal.

Many of us feel that Amanda is innocent, and Amanda knows better than anyone that she is innocent, but nothing can happen until her appeal this November. So we all have to try and stay positive- and yes- try to hold our tongues; Because when you come right down to it, that's the way Amanda would want it. Making a lot of noise is not going to get Amanda out of prison- only the Italian Appeals Court can do that.

Italy is not the problem. The Italian people are not the problem. Many people in Italy felt bad about what happened to Amanda. A few weeks after her conviction some Italians from a nearby town gathered together some presents for Amanda for Christmas and gave them to her mother to give to her. The guards in prison are reported to like Amanda very much and she is well treated. And she in turn loves Italy- she always has.

Really now, who doesn't love Italy. A country with a rich culture and long history. A country that gave birth to so many leading figures in music and the fine arts. Many of us may disagree with the outcome of Amanda's trial and conviction, but we have to have some faith in her coming appeal. She has a strong case for appeal and I personally do not see this as the same ball-game as last year. Many new things have come to light, and now we have to have some faith that the Italian Appeals court will set things right- Amanda believes in Italian justice- I think we in America should try and do the same.


Anonymous said...

Italy is the problem when their legal system allows for someone to sit in prison for 3-5 years on the world of a life long drug addict. Will she be finacially compensated for the time she sat in jail and all the money she and her family lost due to this circus og a trial? Short answer no. Socialist government feels they are above thier owwn people, no lessan American. Dp not forget a lot of the people running the country had fathers that were killed by Americans in WW II.

Anonymous said...

my friend....
our legal system is more than 2000 years old
so, please....STFU

Saint_Michael1 said...

Time to let a little fresh air in then.

Anonymous said...

For those who believe in the power of prayer - pray without ceasing.


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