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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Amanda Knox Appeal: Dear Ms Panettiere, The Truth Is Already Known

It seems the only news of late on the Amanda Knox appeal is the opinions of Hayden Panettiere regarding  the the murder of Meredith Kercher.  Although she has stated that she has not come to a decision as to the guilt or innocence of Amanda Knox, she has also stated that "the truth may never be known". With all due respect to Ms Panettiere- the truth is already known by a great many people as to the innocence of Amanda Knox. This complex case demands a good deal of time in order to form an accurate/informed opinion. Mere discussion on the movie set with fellow actors is not going to produce much in the way of forming an opinion as to guilt or innocence. Nor are newspaper articles of much value since many of the early reports are flawed with misinformation.

This case hinges on flawed forensics as put forth by the prosecution. Until one studies the forensics in this case one can not possibly come up with an informed opinion. Now Ms Panettiere does state that she has no opinion as to Amanda's guilt but I think where she is completely wrong is her statement that "the truth may never be known". This case is complex, but it is not a profound mystery- as some seem to think. Once the DNA is re-evaluated by the new experts in Rome- Once the testimony of certain prosecution witnesses are discredited- Then I think this case will become less of a mystery, and the guilty verdicts of the original trial court will be revealed as a  huge mistake.

I am sure Ms Panettiere was just stating her opinion in an honest way as an actress whose role of Amanda Knox in the Lifetime movie gave her a natural curiosity about the innocence or guilt of the character. Yet the truth will be known. The mystery will be solved. The truth will prevail. And an injustice of huge proportions will be corrected. This appeal court will dig out the truth for all to see, but to many people already in the know on this case, who have studied the forensics, and have seen through the misinformation- the truth is already known.


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