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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Amanda Knox Appeal: Release Is Just A Matter Of Time

The appeal of Amanda Knox is moving forward- slowly. There have been delays due to a slow release of documents held by the police/prosecution. The DNA experts appointed by the appeals court had to get the court to help them by asking for a 40 day extension on the deadline as certain information was never provided to them. On May 21, the court granted the extension and ordered the prosecution to hand over the missing documents to the DNA experts. It's just 'one more thing' in a slowly moving appeal which most people assumed would be over by the summer, but now looks like it will continue into the Fall. Hopefully, it will not take that long.

It is not the fault of the court or judges but rather the prosecution seems to be dragging it's feet by not turning over certain information in a timely manner- I wonder why. Also it must be remembered that the appeals court has chosen to go over a great deal of information and re-examine witnesses. This is of course all in Amanda's favor and is actually necessary in order to prove that there is no reliable evidence that supports a guilty verdict.

All of this is time consuming but necessary in order to prove to all that the conviction of Amanda Knox for the murder of her British room-mate was a mistake- a crass and costly mistake. What flimsy 'evidence' the prosecution had put forth at the original trial is quickly being exposed at the appeal for what it is- ridiculous. The 'eye-witness' pegging Amanda near the murder site and who was believed by the judge and jury at the original trial has now been properly exposed as a confused, heroin addicted, criminal, who could not even get his facts straight and was just about laughed out of court. The so-called DNA evidence against Knox will likewise take a fall when the court appointed experts turn in their report by the end of June. Simply put, the prosecution's case against Amanda Knox is crumbling fast, and it really is just a matter of time before she wins her appeal and is released.

Hopefully, Amanda will not have to spend another sweltering summer in Capanne prison waiting for her appeal to end. But even if she does spend this summer waiting, you can be sure it will be her last, before leaving Italy a free person.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Amanda Knox Appeal: Knox Addresses the Court In Perugia

May 21, 2011 - Amanda Knox addressed the Italian court earlier today at her appeal hearing saying "I have been in prison for three years now and I am innocent... It is very frustrating and it is mentally exhausting and I want the truth to be found." Becoming emotional Knox continued "I remember how I was young and how I did not understand anything and the most important thing is that I do not want to stay in prison unjustly for all my life."
The big news for the day seems to be that the judge will allow the testimony of 5 serving inmates who have written letters to the court stating that Knox is innocent. This testimony will be heard next month over a two day period.

As far as I am concerned Amanda should win her appeal easily, and the only question in my mind is not 'if' she is to be released but 'when'. The sooner Knox is released from prison the better. The injustice of this thing is just overwhelming. I think the appeal judges have done a wonderful job, leaving no stone unturned to get at the truth. And like that old saying goes "The truth will set you free".


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