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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Amanda Knox Appeal: Overwhelming Support For Knox Is Not The Result Of So-Called P R Machine

October 1, 2011- There has been a lot of talk lately about the so-called Knox P R Machine. Just the name anti-Knox factions give it is kind of ridiculous because it is not a 'machine' of any kind, and has not had much of an impact on public opinion. The misleading term P R Machine gives one the false impression that this 'machine' runs the media, and therefore controls public opinion in favor of Amanda Knox- this is of course complete foolishness. In reality, no one controls the media and the media is not run by any one 'machine'. This term was coined by anti-Knox factions to make it appear that the recent overwhelming support of Amanda's innocence is the product of some kind of 'brainwashing' of the public by the media and pro-Knox sites. Even prosecutor Mignini (a well known fibber) was using this line to try and get the jury to think that favorable news about Amanda was not real, but the product of some 'p r machine' backed by millions of dollars. This is complete............ horse-feathers.

The major news networks are not controlled by outside forces. And the major so-called pro-Knox sites are not part of any machine and is not being paid by the Knox family. All of the major pro-Knox sites are simply private ventures of people who believe in Amanda's innocence and wanted to do something about the injustice of her conviction. Frank's site Perugia Shock, Injustice in Perugia run by Bruce Fisher, Candace Dempsey's blog on Knox, and this site Amanda Knox Appeal Forum, are not part of any 'machine, and no one is getting paid to post in favor of Amanda Knox. In part the above sites were created to counter the misinformation and outright lies that had been spread by certain groups hostile toward Knox and her family. And each one is independent of one another- the only thing we have in common is the belief that Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito are innocent and have been unjustly convicted. That's it, no cash, no machine- just the desire to tell the truth about this case.

Now just recently Barbie Latza Nadeau has written a piece talking about this 'p r machine' and mentioned a 'blacklist' of reporters by the Knox family. She says in referring to the Knox family that they "...won't talk to anyone who does not tow the party line." What she does not say is that this so-called 'party line' is that certain journalists are hostile to Knox and are unbalanced in their reporting of this case. First off, they are entitled to talk to whom they please and why would they want to talk to reporters who have written some pretty nasty and misleading things about their daughter. Barbie did not mention if she herself was on this 'blacklist', but considering some of the things she has written about Knox, I've got a pretty good idea- as do many others.

The simple truth is, that people's reality of this case has changed since Amanda and Raffaele's convictions two years ago. Over time, the truth has come out. People are now aware that some of the things that were taken as the truth in fact have turned out to be lies and speculation. That the prosecution's case - once thought by some to be solid- is in fact a house of cards with no evidence that proves guilt. Thus a great many people have come to realize that this case is one of injustice. It was not the result of some 'p r machine', it was the result of people finally learning the facts, and coming to realize that the prosecution had hoodwinked them. That in fact there is no hard evidence against the accused, yet they have spent the last four years in prison. Now that the truth has emerged, there are a lot of ticked-off people out there, and they want this injustice corrected. Hopefully, a few days from now- it will be.


michellesings said...

I have finally realized that everyone who does not believe in the innocence of Raffaele and Amanda are merely buying into a HUGE LIE being spread since the beginning of this case. About Amanda's PR Firm. This is BULL.

There never has been some big well organized PR "effort" Machine. I know because I'm one of the one's being falsely accused. The family really believes this!

It is sad that this is what people have bought into, especially the family. Whoever has told them these things have done a horrible injustice to them. Vicious, cruel, and just horrifically wrong.

I would love to be able to prove to them that this is simply not true. Truly depressing. This is evil on the people who have spun this lie, knowingly.

I would not want to be them on the day of reckoning.

So extremely grossed out by this.

Saint_Michael1 said...

It is an unfortunate situation that has been going on since the beginning of this case. I am surprised that more than a few people still buy into this nonsense- including Meredith's family.
I think what is necessary to wake these people up is to do their own research on the case, instead of buying the con of the prosecution and the opposing lawyers. And also the hate sites that are still spreading nonsense.
Hopefully, this situation will lighten up over time. Thanks for commenting Michelle.

noel dalberth said...

Its just sickening how lies, obsession, a rogue prosecutor's quest for redemption & certain 'journalists' with a need for the spotlight have turned this case into a witch hunt that was completely unnecessary. The longer this nightmare drags on, the more ludicrious the lies become. 3 families destroyed. One way or the other, those responsible for this colossal nightmare will be held accountable.

Saint_Michael1 said...

Accountable? I don't know about that. In the U S it's called malicious prosecution- in Italy it's called 'business as usual'. Noel, I will settle for a good ending to this horror story as far as an innocent verdict with no more appeals. Some 'payback' would be nice however.

David said...

She is guilty,the big mistake was overturning the original decision.Applaud you Americans for being so american.
She fits just right for your flag wavers.
Be good for you to post some views that think she is guilty.
Bet that doesn't happen,not in your PR remit.

Saint_Michael1 said...

On the contrary Davy, I have mentioned Amanda haters in the past, and the ridiculous reasons why they do so. You are correct in assuming Americans stick together, particularly concerning matters of injustice. You are entitled to your opinions though, but at this point in time- most people know better.

Caroline Bradley said...

David What makes you think that all supporters are American,that is just absurd. I am not American and am absolutely convinced of their innocence as is several of my English friends. Furthermore I have nothing but respect for their loyalty and dedication to this case and to suggest that supporters are doing this for the money just proves how the mind of a guilter work. It is utterly disgusting. Honest people will always fight for justice.


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