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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Amanda Knox Appeal Trial: Why Amanda Knox Will Win

I am sure more than a few people will think the title to this post is, well, overly optimistic, but to those people I would say- To think otherwise is being overly pessimistic. Besides, there are many different ways this appeal can go and yet it can still be considered a win for Amanda. I am however thinking that she will win the whole thing. Why? Because of a combination of facts, common sense, and some faith in the appeals court to do the right thing based on the evidence.

It is the job of the appeals court to judge the verdict of the original trial court. The verdict, and how that verdict was reached, and an important part of that is the judge's 'Motivation Report' on how the judge and jury came to their conclusions. Now I will say outright that anyone who thinks that the Massei Motivation report validly supports their guilty verdict has either not read the report, or they are simply a few bricks short of a full load- or an extreme case of denial is in motion. It is not the purpose of this post however to go over the motivation report and how it's cheese slipped off the cracker- that is the job of the appeals court. We are going to stick to reality here, and show how and why the original court came to the wrong conclusions.

Even when it happened, and that guilty verdict came down in Decemeber 2009, few people really understood what had happened. Most people who didn't know about 'low copy number DNA or luminol revealed footprints, simply read the newspapers to try and get a grasp on this case- and yes, the jurors sitting in on the case were allowed to read the news also. Problem was, most of the journalist didn't know what the hell those things were either so most of the news was filled with 'the prosecutor says' and 'the defense says' and how Amanda looked in court, how she smiled, inaccurate quotes from her diary, and that damn cartwheel. And the prosecutor Mignini had to have been amused by all of it. After all- most of the confusion was his doing.

Even before the trial started Mignini was hard at work leaking false information to the press- Phony bleach receipts, misquotes from Amanda's diary, overblown sexual references, giving Amanda's personal papers to the press for publication, phony witnesses, and on and on. All for the sole purpose of trying to make her look as bad as possible before the trial even got started. And it worked like a charm.

After the trial started the smoke and mirrors act continued to the point where it can be stated as fact that the prosecution mislead the court in much of it's presentation of the 'evidence'. In the end, what those jurors believed were signs of guilt, had very little to do with reality. As Mignini made his case on one half truth after another, with a lot of speculation to the point of absurdity at times, the jury seemed to be buying it. What they did not seem to care for was the arguments of the defense- with some of the jurors catnapping while the defense stated their side of things. The following are some of the things presented by the prosecution with the intent to mislead:
The bloody footprint on the bathroom mat was not Raffaele's as an examination of the print on the mat compared with prints of the feet of Raffaele and Rudy Guede show- the print appears much more like Guede's than Raffaele. The print was not a good piece of evidence to begin with as there was no DNA for a match and since it was just a partial print on a cloth surface it really was not what you would call damning evidence. Yet that did not stop Mignini from giving the court the impression it was Raffaele's, with no proof to back it up.
Next you have the so-called mixed DNA of Meredith and Amanda. Now I do believe that really sounded like incriminating evidence to the court but the reality is that there is absolutely nothing unusual about it. Anyone, and I mean anyone who shares a living space with another person is going to mix their DNA with the other person. Now a lot of this mixed DNA came from the bathroom but Meredith and Amanda shared that bathroom- both their DNA was all over the place in there and some of course would become mixed. Forensic experts know this is nothing- its a common occurrence when two people co-inhabit the same space. Yet to listen to Mignini in court on this issue (as with others) you would think he just discovered how to split the atom, when in fact he was only hoodwinking the jury.

And he continued along those lines to produce another illusion for the court- the footprints in the corridor of the flat. revealed with luminol (a substance that turns bright blue in the dark when in contact with iron- usually used to detect traces of blood). Now to listen to Mignini on this one you would get the impression that someone had been tracking Meredith's blood all over the place with their feet, and all the time subtly insinuating that it was Amanda. Now first off- in reality- no one tested the footprints for blood or if they did- it wasn't blood, and to top it off their was no DNA of Amanda found in the footprints. Of course Mignini didn't tell them that.

Then you have Mignini selling them the story about the murder weapon which was not the murder weapon. It was a large kitchen knife taken from Raffaele's home where the knife was in with the rest of the knives and silverware. It has been dubbed the "double DNA knife" (drama huh?). It was found to have Amanda's DNA on the handle and an extremely small amount of Meredith's DNA on the blade. Now that indeed sounds incriminating except that- as was stating in court- the knife was too big to match the wounds on Meredith. Also the knife was tested for blood- and none was found, but, a tiny amount of Meredith's DNA was found on the blade (so they say) but this was not found under normal testing. When tested for DNA the machine registered "Too Low" so the machine was altered and altered until finally it came up with something the prosecution states is Meredith's DNA. However, as most forensic experts will tell you- the amount of DNA of Meredith's found was so tiny an amount that is was probably the result of contamination- due to the lab not being qualified to do this kind of testing, contamination is almost a given- yet they did it anyway. Now Amanda's DNA on the handle is no mystery at all as she was living at Raffaele's house on and off and had touched all the silverware and knifes there when cooking and doing the dishes. Yet the court did not seem to wonder about the fact there was no blood found on the knife that was suppose to have been use to stab Meredith. Yet a knife that was not compatible with the wounds inflicted- go figure.

It is not the purpose of this post to go over every piece of evidence, but hopefully the appeals court will. My purpose was to show that a lot of what was believed true, is in fact not true, and even today there are more than a few people who are not aware that a lot of the myths of this case have been proven false. After the appeals court reviews the evidence I think Amanda is going to win the whole thing- finally. There won't be a magic act this time- just the truth backed up with facts, or in the case of Mignini's presentation and the motivation report- the lack of facts.

With an evaluation of the original trial court and the 'evidence' used to convict, the court of appeals is not going to be falling for any Mignini type tactics "Fool me once- shame on you. Fool me twice-shame on me". Think about it, this is not the kind of case that can hold up under close examination- it's going to fall and fall hard. And the world will be watching.

 I have not of course mentioned anything about the fact there was no motive, no history of violence for Amanda, the weak testimony of the prosecution's witnesses, the wrong time of death, etc... because most of those things are generally undisputed. I tried to present the common myths of the case. Not that this post will stop a certain group who hate Amanda from believing what they want. I still expect to see some of these people on the comment board yelling "Oh yeah, what about the fact that Amanda tracked Meredith's blood all over the house?" Some lies never die.

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Amanda Knox Appeal: She's Good To Go

There has not been much news about Amanda Knox in the last week or so, and considering the start of her appeal begins very soon- it's kind of eerie; It's like the calm before the storm, and I think a storm is coming. No matter what your angle is on this case, take my word for it- it's going to get wild. And that does not mean anything bad like Amanda losing the appeal. What I mean is- regardless of the outcome there is going to be a huge news blitz. People are either going to be wild with joy or they will be wild with anger. If her trial was big- her appeal is bigger.

There are a great many more people aware of this case now than last year. The world is watching, and the vast majority are hoping for Amanda to go free. It is no longer stylish to go on Amanda bashing. Amanda has emerged from all the bad press and foxy knoxy foolishness, an intelligent and brave young woman whose innocence is clear to any rational thinking person.

This case is no longer a mystery that hinges on the fantasies of a corrupt prosecutor. This case has been examined by some of the best legal minds in the world- including experts in criminal investigation and forensics. As if in one voice they say- this is a wrongful conviction and needs to be remedied. Yet will it be?

Amanda has a very strong case for appeal yet there are some people who doubt the court in Perugia will do the right thing. I have heard a lot of this type of thing and some of it coming from Italians. They say things like: The Americans have angered the Italian judicial system and they will therefore not let Amanda go. Really? I personally find that hard to believe. Wouldn't that be saying the same thing as justice will be denied due to personal reasons? Is that not saying that justice hinges not on guilt or innocence but rather hinges on if the Americans watch what they say and don't upset Italians? Really? With the world watching? I would personally have to see that to believe it. Cases like this do not get swept under the rug. The world will assess how the appeal goes and on what grounds the appeals court reaches it's decision. Personally I am counting on Judge Claudio Pratillo Hellmann to uphold justice and defend the principle. I am hopeful that he will do the right thing. I am personally very optimistic about this appeal for the simple reason that Amanda Knox is clearly innocent and deserves for her wrongful conviction to be corrected. This is not a replay of her original trial which was based on fantasy.

And yes, that world famous magician Mignini will be assisting the prosecution. Should anyone be worried about that? Does anyone think Mignini's smoke and mirrors act with a good dose of misinformation and sheer speculation is going to win the day for injustice again? I don't think so.  I think even God is looking down on Mignini and saying "Hey, saw you in church Sunday-I can't believe you think you're on my team". Just my opinion of course. Besides- the Lord is probably busy making a long list of the crimes inflicted against Amanda Knox.

This appeals will be based on the truth, and the majority of people know what the truth is regarding Amanda. Why should she have to wait another year or two in prison for the case to go to the Italian Supreme Court. Justice can be at hand right now and set an innocent woman free. She has a very, very strong case to have her wrongful conviction overturned. How big and what kind of storm is coming is anyone's guess. If it is a quick shower with the sun coming out and showing a rainbow; Or if the sky goes black with lightening that shakes the earth. We'll see.

The appeal starts on the 24th. Everything will be ready with the usual huge media turnout. Amanda's defense team is geared up and ready as will be the thousand's of Knox supporters around the world- waiting for justice to finally show it's face. It's all good to go- and so is Amanda.  Pax (peace).

Friday, November 12, 2010

Amanda Knox Can Win Her Appeal: Things Change

The wind has changed direction in the Amanda Knox case. That old expression always holds  true- Things   change. Particularly over time and when people step back and see the forrest and not the trees; When passions cool and one begins to view things objectively, Or as simply as I can put it in reference to Amanda Knox- that was then and this is now. Everything has changed- and for the better.

Only a year ago with all those nasty false headlines claiming Amanda Knox was an 'out of control psycho' and many people thought Amanda was doomed because of all the negative hype. Yet- things change. With time and reason people eventually come around to a valid cause. And Amanda is more than a valid cause- to some people she is a hero- a reluctant hero. All Amanda wants is to go home to Seattle a free person and cleared of this murder charge. Still many people- even her close supporters were not optimistic about Amanda being freed on appeal. Or to state it better, they were cautiously optimistic. That of course is completely understandable. It seemed a nightmare where reality did not hold- or as some people would put it- 'the court in Perugia is blind' and they will never let her go- or Italy is corrupted and Amanda is doomed- Things change- Now there are many reasons to hope that Amanda will win on her first appeal.

It's an amazing thing to see- this complete turnaround. The case did not go away over time- it got bigger. Many people who thought Amanda guilty now have second thoughts. Positive books have been written about her including one by PM Rocco Girlanda- a politician in Italy who has stated he believes Amanda is innocent of the murder. People coming forward such as ex FBI agent Steve Moore stating his opinion that Amanda is completely innocent based on his research. And more and more people are becoming aware of the case and are concerned about Amanda. Also there is one huge plus, as I see it, the judges being switched from a civil judge with little experience in criminal cases to the new judge Claudio Pratillo Hellmann- a man who is a defender of justice and is not afraid to overturn a high profile wrongful conviction such as Amanda's, and has done so in the past. Also the great many experts in the field of criminal investigation and forensics have stated there is nothing against Amanda to prove her guilt- with some saying outright that it is impossible for Amanda to have committed this crime. Even in the UK the Guardian in the last couple days has written an article questioning Amanda's conviction- It's all coming around to where it should be, But then there is Amanda and her family-

Even though Amanda is aware of the change in public opinion, she is not at peace. She has trouble sleeping and is very worried about the outcome of her appeal. She wants her life back so badly she is afraid to hope. She keeps this to herself and suffers privately yet puts on a brave face for others. She does not want her family to worry though I think they are very aware of what is going on. Imagine- a guilty person learns to resign themselves to their lot- they deserve all the days in prison they get and they know it. Yet for an innocent person in prison, it is a nightmare magnified. A surreal experience where nothing makes much sense and life seems lost- so sometimes perhaps it is better not to hope at all.

So to all the supporters of Amanda Knox, and to all of those who sympathize with her plight. To all of the members of her family Curt, Edda, Chris and Deanna and all the other members of her family- Let's look for a win and get it the hell over with- so you can all finally relax on this and Amanda will be free, and that is as it should be. It's easy to doubt, particularly since so much has gone wrong, but remember what it says in the Bible "learn to read the signs of the times". The wind on this has changed course- so let's dare to hope. I'm not an optimist by nature and like everyone else I have my doubts, but I do know one thing for certain- Things change.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Amanda Knox Indicted For Slander- Trial In May

Amanda Knox attended the slander hearing on Monday morning and was indicted to stand trial on May 17, 2011. Judge Claudia Matteini found that there was enough evidence to try Amanda on the slander charge- The evidence she was referring to is simply the fact that Amanda had said the police treated her badly with a cuff on the back of the head during her questioning by police in November 2007. Amanda had said this in her own defense at her trial for murder last year- and that's all the evidence there is. In Italy, that's all it takes. It is against the law to speak against the police in Italy- so it's another trial for Amanda in May

 The photo above was taken Monday morning  before the hearing. She wore a green sweater with her short cropped hair combed behind her ears. As can be seen from the photo she looked tired and depressed. After the hearing  her lawyer said she was "very sad" It was reported that at one point during the hearing Amanda broke down in tears. At the hearing Amanda said to the court "If they would have taped (the questioning) like they were suppose to, I wouldn't be in this mess".

The indictment came as no surprise to Amanda's family. Amanda's stepfather, Chris Mellas said to reporters "...we didn't expect much different from this lineup..." and stated that they would try and have the trial moved to Florence. Amanda's mother Edda was saddened by the indictment but not surprised. The entire family is looking forward to Amanda's appeal beginning November 24th, and indeed there does appear to be some hope there as a new judge has been appointed to hear the case, and is said to be a fair man.

As to the coming slander trial- I don't have a good feeling about it- almost like the deck is stacked. Amanda is put in the position to 'prove' she was treated badly by the police. Now how does one do that? One should not have to- This is the flip-side to American justice, where a charge like this does not even exist. It is simply a matter of a dozen Italian cops on one side and Amanda on the other. Can they prove they didn't treat her badly? They do not have to- not in Italy. Can Amanda prove they did get rough with her? How can she do that? She was alone in that room with all those police. It simply comes down to Amanda's word against the police. And how do you think that is going to come out?

Still, there is one excellent reason why this slander case should be thrown out of court, and the point was made by Amanda herself when she said "If they would have taped like they were suppose to, I wouldn't be in this mess". And that was probably the most profound and meaningful thing said in that courtroom Monday morning. The police did not tape the questioning of a murder suspect and she was a murder suspect at some point during that night, and yet the police did not tape it in breech of Italian law. And if they did tape it- they erased it. On those grounds alone this case should never see the inside of a courtroom. No one should have to guess what happened in that room- it should have been taped- it is mandatory to do so under Italian law. This is not a matter of opinion- that is the only fact that stands out in this slander case. Hopefully, come May 17th, the case will be thrown out of court, and hopefully her murder conviction already overturned on appeal coming in a few weeks. No one likes the smell of this slander charge which has prosecutor Mignini written all over it. Hopefully justice will come around and throw Amanda a bone- but I wouldn't take that to the bank- not in Perugia.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Amanda Knox Case- A Sinister Drawing? Analyze This

OMG, did you see that drawing by Amanda Knox? Really scary isn't it? I mean all those bright colors and I think you can even see a bone in the arm. Well does it or does it not prove that there is a dark side to Amanda?

Seems like the girl can't even change the way she parts her hair without some newspaper/tabloid trying to analyze it and make something "sinister" out of it. Yes I am referring to a certain news publication from the UK that obtained a drawing by Amanda Knox and claimed to have had it analyzed by some shrink and guess what- Yep, you guessed it- it just about proves, so it appears, she is guilty. As was stated the use of the bright colors of red and yellow suggests something sinister and seems to point to Amanda having a dark side, according to this 'person'. Geez, was that a self portrait of her or was she drawing someone else?

Personally I thought it was quite interesting and nicely done- I wasn't the least bit frightened- maybe that's just me. This is an ongoing thing with some in the UK, who can not seem to get past the "Foxy Knoxy" stage. I don't really think it takes much gumption to belittle a drawing from a girl in prison- after all, she was convicted right? So it seems in line to say that her drawings reveal her true nature. A 'sinister' person with a 'dark' side. Want to bet I can't find ten other shrinks to say the opposite?

I think we all get the point here- Did you really think that you could sink Knox with that 'self revealing' drawing? Or were you just trying to poison the waters for her upcoming appeal? Either way, I thought it a rather limp effort- my opinion only of course. That 'dark side' contention was so lame anyone with an IQ higher than Boo Radley can see right through it. Next time you want to kick a person when they are down to sell a story- make it a little more believable. However, if you really want to analyze something- provided you understand sign language- analyze this!


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