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Friday, December 16, 2011

Amanda Knox Appeal: Hellmann Motivation Report Intelligently Supports Not Guilty Verdict

Italy has redeemed itself. Logic has overruled speculation, and a 21st century witch-hunt has come to an end with the release of Judge Hellmann's report explaining the reasons for the acquittal of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito.

A 143 page report was released yesterday which clearly defends the verdict of the Italian Appeals Court which overturned the conviction of Amanda Knox. To anyone who has done the research on this case there were really no surprises- simply common sense replacing speculation and outright fiction (as in the case of the lower court's original guilty verdict).

The major points of the report supporting Hellmann's not guilty verdict are:
No logical motive.
DNA evidence condemned by court appointed experts
Lower court did not prove Knox was at the scene of crime.
Faulty time of death used by lower court (Hellmann moves the time of death back an hour).
Amanda Knox behavior dismissed as not a sign of guilt as people behave differently under stress.
Hellmann disputes Knox and Sollecito involvement with Guede as improbable. No evidence of communication with Guede exists (no e-mails, no phone calls or text messages).
Hellmann condemns police questioning as causing great psychological stress leading to falsely accusing Lumumba. Hellmann states that Knox told the police what she thought they wanted to hear out police induced psychological stress. In fact, Hellmann says, that to use the word 'stress' would be understating the event.
Witnesses produced by the prosecution were unreliable.

These are most of the main points of Hellmann's report. There is of course much more to the report than I have stated, but the above address most of the important issues as regards the not guilty verdict.

At this point in time, some may be wondering about the prosecution appealing the verdict. My thinking is- good luck with that. An appeal will not change the facts. The prosecution would still need to find fault with the Hellmann report in a rational manner in order to gain an appeal- in other words they would have to dispute common sense with nothing more than foolish speculation. And even if the prosecution managed to pull off another trial, you can take it to the bank that Amanda Knox will not be present. The United States will never extradite Knox to Italy and the prosecution knows it. It would all be just a foolish waste of time. The 'Foxy Knoxy' circus is worn out; the witch-hunt is over.


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