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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Amanda Knox Appeal: Prosecution's Case Begins To Crumble

March 26, 2011- The prosecution's case against Amanda Knox began to crumble today as their star witness against Knox gave confused and contradictory testimony. Antonio Curatolo- a homeless drug addict aged 54- gave conflicting dates and appeared confused while giving testimony in Perugia earlier today. Amanda Knox' team were more than pleased with the results. It was Curatolo's testimony at the original trial that helped convict Amanda and her ex-boyfriend Raffaele in December 2009. This time around he simply 'blew it' and even contradicted himself on the stand.

The DNA will be the topic of importance next month as testimony from the two new experts are due May 21 and will no doubt be in Amanda's favor. Today I believe was the beginning of the end for the prosecution's case against Amanda Knox- which was never more than weak to begin with. I do not think it is too soon to say that Amanda will win her appeal and will be set free by early Summer. Unfortunately, the years she has spent in prison are gone forever, but at least the correction of this grave injustice is at hand- Better late than never.


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