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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Amanda Knox Appeal: Knox Gains Victory In Court Granting DNA Review

December 18, 2010  Perugia, Italy. Amanda Knox is one step closer to freedom as the appeals court granted a review of the crucial DNA evidence. The judges retired to deliberate if they would allow a review of the disputed DNA used to convict Knox last year. The prosecution and Kercher lawyer  Maresca argued against a review, stating the court had everything it needed- The judge however did not agree and stated the court would allow a review of the DNA evidence including the knife and bra clasp.

This is a great victory for the defense and for Amanda Knox. Without a review of the DNA evidence, Amanda's chances of winning her appeal was not good. With the judge's decision to allow a review of the DNA things are looking rather sunny at this moment for Amanda Knox. Perhaps this is the best Christmas present she could have received. She has everything to gain by this review- but no doubt the prosecution is rather gloomy at the news- too bad for them. Things Change. Merry Christmas Amanda.


Anonymous said...

All the documents from Guede's appeal can now be used against Amanda.

Good Judge Hellmann.

Saint_Michael1 said...

I agree- Claudio Pratillo Hellmann is a good judge. I think your real point though is you think the documents from Guede's appeal will be a problem for Amanda. It won't be. Something to try and distract the court maybe but it's apples and oranges. Amanda was not up for appeal in that court- Guede was. It doesn't matter what that higher court thought- it's Amanda's appeal that will determine guilt or innocence in Pratillo Hellmann's court not the supreme court's ruling against Guede. That may be the new rallying cry at places like PMF but it's just another Mignini type tactic without substance.


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