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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Amanda Knox Appeal- Italian Supreme Court's Strange Reasoning

June 19, 2013 -
It seems Italy has not had enough of the Amanda Knox case. At least the Italian Supreme Court wants to keep the show going anyway, and came out with their reasoning as to why they think Amanda Knox should be retried. Yesterday the court released their report on why Knox' innocent verdict was thrown out.

After reading some of the details, an old expression came to mind: "Why do some people behave as if stupidity were a virtue." One of the most off the wall statements in the report was that the court seemed to have faith in the old motive of the 'sex game gone wrong' theory. A theory with no supporting evidence, and one that even the prosecutors at the original trial gave up on. Another beauty in the reasoning report was the supreme court felt that the park bum witness testimony was of value, and that the court that freed Knox did not take it into consideration, and stated- that he should not be overlooked just because he was homeless. I remember this bum's testimony during the appeal, and being homeless was not why his testimony was considered unreliable. He admitted that he was a hard drug user and that he was in fact under the influence of drugs the night in question. And as to the night in question, he did not remember which night it was because he said the buses were running, and in fact the murder was the next day when no buses were running. And the report goes on for some 74 pages.

The reasons for overturning the Amanda Knox verdict of innocent by the Italian Supreme Court is to say the least- strange. Although I would love to use more colorful language to describe it. Just when the Italian courts got it right, now they want to do it again. Which makes me think of another old expression: "If it isn't broke, don't try to fix it".

For those of you not completely up on this case, feel free to go through the information contained in this blog. For an inside look at this case, read Amanda Knox' book "Waiting To Be Heard- A Memoir".

Thursday, May 9, 2013

CNN's Chris Cuomo Interviews Amanda Knox- About Sex

May 9, 2013

After seeing the Chris Cuomo interview with Amanda Knox Tuesday (it took a day for the shock wear off) I was left wondering, what exactly did he think he was going to accomplish with his overbearing persistence? Did he think he was going to pressure her into throwing herself on her knees and confessing to sexual deviance. AHA...I solved the case- at last. Although Knox was answering his sex questions over and over- still he persisted until Amanda was growing visibly uncomfortable. And after reading a lot of comments on the internet a great many people were also uncomfortable with his tactics- which seemed more like a grilling than an interview.

After 4 years in prison and having endured all kinds of "insensitivity" and interrogations by the Italian police and courts, I don't think she was really up for this kind of thing- however, she did handle it well I thought. Let's face it, there were a lot of different routes this so-called interview could have taken- he didn't really have to go for the eyes.

For those of you who missed this....'interview', there are plans to show it again Saturday. I don't know how much Chris Cuomo knows about this case- but if he did his homework he would know that there is no evidence pointing to Knox being guilty. And the so-called 'deviant sex game gone wrong' is a  fabrication of the Italian prosecution, with no evidence at all that anything of the kind ever took place.

I think Amanda held up very well, considering the man's questions and the hard look on his face, and if he deserved a glass of water tossed on him after the interview, is of course a matter of opinion. But hey- nobody likes a bully.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Amanda Knox Ordered To Stand New Trial By Italian Court- Again

March 26, 2013

The Italian Supreme Court has thrown out the innocent verdict Amanda Knox received in October of 2011- which set her free- and has ordered her to stand trial yet again. The reason? They didn't give one yet- at least one that made any sense. Rather than review the details of the case, the Italian court looked only for an "error in procedure". This new trial is to take place in the city of Florence and not Perugia as in the first two trials.

For those not aware of the facts: Amanda Knox was found guilty of murdering her room-mate Meredith  (a Brit who was studying in Perugia at the same time as Knox) along with Amanda's ex boyfriend Raffaele. Amanda was sentenced to 26 years and Raffaele to 25 years. The two spent four years in Italian prisons before their convictions were overturned on appeal in October 2011. Knox then left Italy and returned to her hometown of Seattle, and Raffaele returned to his home which is near Bari Italy. And all seemed well, with a great many people rejoicing that the Italian appeal court finally got the right verdict of not guilty and released the pair. The prosecution of course was none too pleased, and appealed to the Italian Supreme Court for a new trial. Shockingly, the Italian Supreme court overturned the innocent verdicts and now order both Amanda and her ex-boyfriend Raffaele to stand a new trial on the murder charge. This new turn of events is absolutely shocking, and completely ridiculous.

Actually- it's quite stupid, but I guess the Italian courts love a good show so much they just could not let such a juicy opportunity slip by. They are certainly peeing against wind on this one, as Amanda is an American citizen- safe in the U S- and in this country we do not try people twice for the same crime. It's called DOUBLE JEOPARDY! (and yes that is the legal term for it). I don't know what afflicts these prosecutors over there that they keep trying to convict two innocent people with no evidence, and when they already have the real murderer in prison. Well, I'm not going to spit nails over this foolishness, but I do think that THIS TIME the U S State Dept. needs to address this issue, and inform Italy as to the legal rights of U S citizens who have already been found not guilty....... Unbelievable.


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