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Friday, March 27, 2015

Amanda Knox Nightmare Finally Over With Murder Conviction Overturned

Italy's highest court overturned the murder conviction of Amanda Knox Friday evening bringing to an end the 8 year legal nightmare for her and former boyfriend. The court will not allow another trial, and so it ends here with Amanda and Raffaele being acquitted of murder. Congratulations to both Amanda and Raffaele, and good luck for the future. An unbelievably long drawn out legal battle for the pair is finally over, or as they say in Italian- Finito.


Anonymous said...

This is obviously great news. Congratulations to Amanda.

I've been following this case since the very beginning and each time I thought it would end it would not. The thing is, had I not looked into the facts and followed only news reporting, my impression of her could not have been more different -- although by the time this reached the Hellman trial most people began to scratch their heads even in the news business and that turned, and it helped a lot with the general public, I'm sure.

One of the interesting lessons to come out of this is how much rational and independent thought is with most people. Given the chance they'll do the right thing. Of course there is always that small contingent of incorrigible guilters who bothered me a lot, but lately I've grown to understand them as well. They looked at the world as an inherently cynical and untrustable place, and they only understand human behavior in those terms: Guede escaped, the British and Italian girls and boys lawyered up -- they understood these as "normal" human behavior when there is a murder case. Applying it to Guede is a bit too "open-minded," shall we say, but to guilters it was Amanda and Sollecito's naive, cooperative, and trusting behavior, almost oblivious to their own survival, that made them seem "odd" and "cold" to guilters.

In a way, guilters are also skeptics who pride themselves on independence -- but they are not rational skeptics, they are emotional ones, gut feeling ones, and very very sad ones as humans who no longer trust in the best intentions of others. I feel vindicated but at the same time sad for whatever unresolved psychological traumas happened in the guilters' childhood lives to make them see the world that way.

Saint_Michael1 said...

What I find sad is that Rudy Guede- a drug selling, thief, rapist and murderer- got off way too easy. This animal might be released from prison in a few years. He needs to stay in the slammer until he's a very old man.


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