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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Amanda Knox Case- Key Interview With the Devil's Advocate Mazinni

The following is a piece of fiction regarding one to the main characters in the Amanda Knox case. He was kind enough to spare some of his valuable time and help us get a better understanding of the behind the scenes tactics that led to the Knox conviction.

Interviewer: Mr Mazinni, thank you for being with us today.

Mazinni: No problem.

Interviewer: Besides the evidence presented at court, what was it about Amanda Knox that led you to believe she was a valid suspect in the murder case?

Mazinni: Oh there were many things. She was behaving strangely, I guess from smoking the plants. But there were other things beside. You know she do a wheel right here in the police station.

Interviewer: A wheel?

Mazinni: Si

Interviewer: Oh you mean the famous cartwheel

Mazinni: Yes

Interviewer: Well that has been explained as a yoga exercise to reduce stress.

Mazinni: Do not believe it. Many experience police here and they know a wheel when they see one.

Interviewer: Mr Mazinni, do you know what yoga is?

Mazinni: No, but that is not important. That was something that was made up to try and confuse us. It was a wheel I tell you.

Interviewer: Ok fine. Let me ask you this sir. It has been reported that a picture of Amanda Knox was placed on what is called the Wall of Shame in Rome, before she was even charged and evidence gathered.

Mazinni: Yes that is true. But I didn't put it there. You know sometimes you can not wait for all the little evidence to show up so you have to use your brain. That's why we are here. And do not forget, she do a wheel, like I told you.

Interviewer: Yes I remember.

Mazinni: I am late. I have time for only one more question.

Interviewer: Alright sir, let me ask you this- This case seems to have brought a lot of criticism from the United States directed at the legal system here in Italy and at you in particular. How do you feel about that?

Mazinni: Well you know I do not pay much attention to what the American news say. And now you have all the- how you say- blogs, where everyone is writing things. And one of the worst is this Saint Michael. I find out that is not even his real name. He made it up. All he says is lies so do not believe a word of it. He is a son of a bitch, and I gonna sue him too.
Now I must really go for certain.

Interviewer: Thank you for your time Mr Mazinni, it's been............ unbelievable.

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