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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Amanda Knox Case- A Sinister Drawing? Analyze This

OMG, did you see that drawing by Amanda Knox? Really scary isn't it? I mean all those bright colors and I think you can even see a bone in the arm. Well does it or does it not prove that there is a dark side to Amanda?

Seems like the girl can't even change the way she parts her hair without some newspaper/tabloid trying to analyze it and make something "sinister" out of it. Yes I am referring to a certain news publication from the UK that obtained a drawing by Amanda Knox and claimed to have had it analyzed by some shrink and guess what- Yep, you guessed it- it just about proves, so it appears, she is guilty. As was stated the use of the bright colors of red and yellow suggests something sinister and seems to point to Amanda having a dark side, according to this 'person'. Geez, was that a self portrait of her or was she drawing someone else?

Personally I thought it was quite interesting and nicely done- I wasn't the least bit frightened- maybe that's just me. This is an ongoing thing with some in the UK, who can not seem to get past the "Foxy Knoxy" stage. I don't really think it takes much gumption to belittle a drawing from a girl in prison- after all, she was convicted right? So it seems in line to say that her drawings reveal her true nature. A 'sinister' person with a 'dark' side. Want to bet I can't find ten other shrinks to say the opposite?

I think we all get the point here- Did you really think that you could sink Knox with that 'self revealing' drawing? Or were you just trying to poison the waters for her upcoming appeal? Either way, I thought it a rather limp effort- my opinion only of course. That 'dark side' contention was so lame anyone with an IQ higher than Boo Radley can see right through it. Next time you want to kick a person when they are down to sell a story- make it a little more believable. However, if you really want to analyze something- provided you understand sign language- analyze this!


Rose said...

It is almost as if there is a PR campaign going to make Amanda look bad. The Lady Macbeth comparisons at certain sites are just silly, in my opinion. Frank at the Shock seems to think she has some artistic talent and I don't disagree with that.

Saint_Michael1 said...

Thanks for your comment Rose- There has always been a PR campaign to make Amanda look bad. Fortunately they are not a large group. The 'tabloid' that came up with that nonsense is known for their anti-Amanda fiction- so no surprise there.
Yes I do think that Amanda has artistic talent- particularly because she has had no formal art training. She seems to have a good sense of form and an eye for detail. So you and Frank were not frightened either huh? Maybe we all need therapy :o)

Anonymous said...

I do not understand why our government cannot extract her
from a centuries old corrupt government and judicial system.
She was just a child until they destroyed her. Marijuana does not ever lead to rape, torture, and finally murder!!

Michael said...

This was the view of one 'fake' psychologist. They probably asked her "In what ways could this possibly indicate a person is violent?"

So she just speculated on possibilities off the top of her head. For all we know, 20 other real psychologists claimed it was the work of a gentle person - but of course they ignored them for the one quack!

Saint_Michael1 said...

Well I think most people get the point on that. The UK people who put that online have never said a decent word about Amanda. It was just to sell a story, I think most people can see through the 'sinister' bit. Did you notice how fast it vanished from their site- Guess they thought they may get sued. I thought the drawings were quite good myself. Thanks for commenting.

Saint_Michael1 said...

To answer Anonymous above- The United States can not simply "extract" Amanda from Italy. It's not that simple. The most important reasons being- the US State Dept wouldn't know for sure if Amanda was guilty or not- but more important than that- it would create an international incident as the U S would have to use force to "extract" her. And that the U S would never do. First of all, the U S and Italy are on friendly terms and every country has the right to their on laws without interference from another country.
However the slander charge is a different matter and I do believe the U S would be within their rights to protest if Amanda was found guilty of that charge- and particularly if she was given a hefty sentence. There would be diplomatic possibilities in that case but the use of force would never be considered. There are options the U S can use but at this point in time I think they are taking a wait and see stance on this. It;s frustrating I know but at this point in time Amanda's best chance of getting out of Italy is to win her appeal- and that is a possibility. Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

You don't find it a bit odd she gave Rocco Girlanda (the author of the book) the drawing of herself nude from below her buttocks up? Not at all peculiar to you? Thanks.

Saint_Michael1 said...

No I didn't think it odd- I thought it was art. Oh was she naked? I guess I was too busy looking at all the pretty colors. No one ever said that was a picture of Amanda and if it was- do you really think they have full length mirrors in prison? How would she know what her back looks like? I thought the drawing was quite good actually but like ink blots- people will see what is in their own mind sometimes and not what the artist intended.

Jean-Marc Theisen said...
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