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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Amanda Knox Appeal: Another Day In Court With Testimony From Inmates

June 18, 2011- Amanda Knox appeared in the Perugia court this morning and heard testimony from several  prison inmates, including Mario Alessi. For those of you not up on this- Alessi testified that Rudy Guede told him in prison that Amanda and her former boyfriend were not involved in the murder of Amanda's British room-mate, for which she was convicted and sentenced to 26 years. In short, Alessi stated that Guede admitted to him that he (Guede) and another man were present but not Amanda or Raffaele. This testimony was backed up by several other inmate witnesses. The prosecution of course objected saying that the testimony of Alessi was not reliable and so on, but it really doesn't matter.

Amanda does not need this testimony in order to win her appeal. It doesn't matter if Alessi is lying or not- Yet I, personally believe he is telling the truth; The prosecution's case is finished- regardless of today's testimony pro or con (pun intended). There is nothing that will prevent Amanda Knox from winning her appeal. Why do I say this? Simply put- It's the head judge handling this appeal. Hellmann is not falling for any foolishness. He is calling everything that was so stupidly swallowed by a former court into question. He is re-examining everything that the prosecution had put forth as fact and the end result has been- the prosecution's case is pathetic. They have no motive and no evidence- Nothing.

Today I noticed a few blogs/ forums trying to downside the inmates testimony- that's fine. The point is, the testimony of these inmates was not needed, but they wanted to be heard, and if it made the prosecution pucker up just a little more than they have been lately- so much the better. The bottom line on all of this is- Amanda Knox is going to win this time around. All the lies and smoke and mirror acts are over. The prosecution's case is being exposed for what it is- pathetic. The only logical conclusion to this appeal trial is the release of Amanda Knox- and the sooner the better.

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