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Monday, October 3, 2011

Amanda Knox Appeal: Not Guilty, Convictions Overturned - Amanda and Raffaele Are Free

October 3, 2011- Oh My God, what a day. When Amanda was brought into the courtroom to hear the verdict she looked like she was going to topple over, and then there was nothing but silence waiting for the judge to announce the verdict. Everyone was tense and on edge, particularly Amanda. When the judge gave the verdict Amanda burst into tears and almost collapsed. The guards rushed her out of the room. Amanda's father hugged the lawyer nearest him. The courtroom was cheering (with some boos). And when the prosecutor came out of the courthouse the crowd jeered. And I am all wore out.

Amanda and Raffaele were immediately freed. They were brought back to prison only to sign documents and collect their belongings. Then they will leave the 'house of many doors' forever. It was a dramatic fairy-tale ending to a horrific story. Amanda's sister Deanna gave a short statement outside the courthouse thanking everyone for their support and asked that now the family would like some privacy to wind down. A lot of people were very happy in Perugia tonight but of course not everyone. Hopefully in time, some people will realize that it was not the guilty who were freed, but the innocent.

I am so happy and relieved that everything worked out ok for Amanda and Raffaele, as are a great many people. They got their lives back. I think Amanda's reaction to the innocent verdict was a product of relief. She looked extremely pale and tense just before the judge read the verdict. Right now I bet she is all smiles. She will be leaving Capanne shortly where the prison priest will see her for the last time. As he had said earlier today, he hoped that today would be the last he would see of her and that she would be free to go home. He said he knew she was innocent. His prayers were answered.


Jaime said...

I am happy she has been freed. With the evidence being as shady as it was they should have never convicted her. She has likely spent 2 years in prison for a murder she didn't commit.

I doubt the Knox family will ever see this but I prayed for Amanda many times. I can't wait to see you step off the plane onto free soil once again.

Saint_Michael1 said...

Jaime- Then your prayers were answered also. I have been saying it all though this appeal that this judge would do the right thing- and he did. From the beginning he was after the truth and he found it. Thanks for commenting and thank you judge Hellmann for doing the right thing.

Jaime said...

I can only imagine how hard those two years must have been on Amanda and her family. I could see the utter relief in her face when the judge said she was to be released immediately.

I just found this blog today and unfortunately it will soon be done away with because she is coming home.

I saw a post from a while back talking about the hate shown toward Amanda and her family and I can't help but compare it to the hate people showed Casey Anthony after she was found innocent. I'm only 16 years old and I am ashamed that some of the blind hate filled comments came from the human mouth. It seems like people want to think with their emotions and vengeance as opposed logic and reasoning.

Saint_Michael1 said...

Actually Jaime, Amanda been in prison for almost 4 years. And the blog will stay up a little while longer because there is a lot information on the case that helps certain people who think Amanda is guilty to learn the facts. And I would like to get in a piece on Meredith Kercher. There has been a lot of fighting online as concerns the case and a lot of misconception by certain people who do not know the facts and some in fact believe outright lies. So this forum was created in part to bring out the truth about the case and about Amanda. Who really is a wonderful person.

Jaime said...

I guess I was only counting back to when she was wrongly convicted. Yeah, 4 years is a long time. 4 years ago I was 12 and still struggling to trade in Icelandic for the English language.

I was wondering, do you know her personally? You don't have to answer if you prefer not.

My heart also goes out to Meredith Kercher's family. May justice find those truly responsible.

Saint_Michael1 said...

Amanda was in prison from November 2007 until today. I feel very sorry for the Kercher family also. The real killer is already in jail. His name is Rudy Guede. The injustice of that is he is only doing 16 years for murder. As far as knowing her- I have never met her if that is what you mean.

Jaime said...

16 years isn't enough.

Yeah I meant if you have ever met her.

The only reason why I ask is because it seems that in today's society that people only bother to join a cause or run something like this blog for personal reasons, usually notoriety or financial gain. Not that those are necessarily bad things, but it's nice to see someone involved in something like this blog for non selfish reasons.

Saint_Michael1 said...

It was for personal reasons- I personally hate injustice.

Anonymous said...

4 a young person like amanda, 4 years is a long time

and please...leave the blog up

there are still so many out there who are ignorant of the facts in this case...especially when it comes to how insane the prosecutor is

Saint_Michael1 said...

Bacci, I wasn't going to take it down now as I don't think this particular forum/blog would upset Amanda. I monitored all the comments to keep the lies and misinformation out of it. I don't know how long it will stay up but ok for now until things settle down about this case.


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