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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Amanda Knox Lifetime Movie Is- Pathetic- Misleading

I am sorry to say that I watched the Lifetime movie "Amanda Knox: Murder On Trial In Italy" and came away with a feeling that someone was trying to pull a fast one with the intention of making Amanda Knox look guilty, when I know in fact she is innocent. The movie had more than a few parts that were pure fiction, and even the documentary that followed the movie seemed to be coming from a negative place. I got through the movie ok, but could not stay with the documentary for more than 20 minutes as it contained simply too much Mignini, and journalists Barbie and Nicky. All I can say is- anyone who wants to know the truth about this case should start digging around for more objective sources than this misleading movie on Knox. There is plenty of information available on this case and Amanda Knox. I think it is pathetic that such a bad movie was made out of such a profound subject.

Fiction aside, the real Amanda Knox is an innocent victim of a rush to judgement. Hopefully she will go free after her appeal is over and get on with her life. For someone who is innocent of this crime she has had enough sticks and stones thrown at her to last more than a Lifetime (pun intended). I am really surprised that Lifetime allowed the movie to go ahead- particularly since the movie has entire scenes that are pure fiction, and the case in the middle of appeal. If I were them I would be a little concerned about possible legal action coming from all sides. They just had to push it.


Anonymous said...

I think the producers made a deal with the Italians, they help them make the movie if they put in a few things to make Amanda look guilty.

Anonymous said...

So what was P Lumumba's real part in all this ? - is there a theory with him being actually involved or not ?

Saint_Michael1 said...

Hey- I am taking a guess that you are fairly new to this case? Lumumba's is a man who was Amanda's employer before the murder. The police had found a hair at in the murder room that came from a black man (Lumumba is black). When the police were questioning Amanda they noticed a message on Amanda's cell phone from Lumumba saying that she would not have to come into work that night- Amanda responded and ended her message with "see you later". The Italian police- not realizing what "see you later" means in the American way of saying it, thought that it was some kind of promise to see him later that night- which of course it did not. So the Italian police began to really grill Amanda on this- since Lumumba was a black man and that is what they were looking for-The police thought they were on to something and would not let go of it- They threatened Amanda and were getting emotionally and physically abusive with her and would not let her sleep until she told them what she thought they wanted to hear- just to lay off of her. She then gave them a false story- of which she retracted the next day. But it was too late and Lumumba was arrested for the murder of Meredith Kercher. The police whould not accept Amanda's retraction the next day and Lumumba was in jail for 2 weeks until it was proved he had an airtight alibi and released. Who the police were really looking for was another black man but they did not know it at the time, was Rudy Guede who was convicted later for the murder.
No- Lumumba had nothing to do with the murder and was released. Lumumba's beef in all of this was that he was falsely accused and had to spend 2 weeks in jail until it was cleared up.
Amanda was sentenced to a year in jail and was ordered to pay Lumumba thousands of dollars as compensation to Lumumba.
It was really the police who were at fault for abusing Amanda into making a false statement- which is illegal in the U S. But they made it look like it was all Amanda's fault and she had to pay for it- And she did. Lumumba in my opinion has made a lot of money out of this case at Amanda's expense and has made a lot of money selling his story to the media- In my opinion he is not a nice person. But no- he had nothing to do with the death of Meredith Kercher- it was another black man- Rudy Guede who was eventually convicted of the crime.

Anonymous said...

So if it's true the accusation of Lumumba was retracted the very next day and the poor man still had to wait two weeks before they released him, there is obviously much more to this part of the story - I will try and look into it further. I have to say my first thoughts are of sympathy for Lumumba, it must be horrible to be fitted up for a murder you didn't do, he must surely be due some serious compensation, the police would be very aware he could sue them so why the delay ? and I bet he won't be the only one to make money out of this sad case, in fact I wonder who stands to make the most Dollars and if they have a conscience? What kind of a world do we live in, where someone can profit from murder.

Saint_Michael1 said...

You can not sue the police in Italy. You can not even accuse them of anything wrong. As strange as that sounds- that's the way it is there.
It was the police who are really responsible for Lumumba's troubles. They were looking for a black man (although Lumumba was the wrong black man-but of course the police did not know that) and it was the police who were trying to involve Lumumba not Amanda. She simply went along with it, but retracted it the next day.
Lumumba has already sold his story to the media and has made a lot of money doing it- but of course, he and his lawyer want even more money- all the money they can get actually. And that is really what it is all about now days- getting as much money as he can.
Amanda did time in prison for Lumumba's 2 weeks in jail- was sued, and was viciously attacked in and out of court by both Lumumba and his lawyer. At this point Lumumba does not have my sympathy. I think he is enjoying all the fame and money and hopes to get rich off of this.


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