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Friday, February 18, 2011

Amanda Knox Movie Is- Just A Movie

The new Lifetime film "Amanda Knox: Murder On Trial In Italy" will air Monday, February 21, despite efforts by Knox's lawyers to have the movie scrapped. It is unusual to have a movie on a murder when the appeals are still in progress- but Lifetime is going to wing it anyway, stating that the movie should have no effect on the appeals of Amanda Knox. Really?

Although the movie is suppose to be neutral and based on known facts, those involved in making the movie state that the judge's "Motivation Report" on the original trial was one of the so-called factual documents used. However, that particular document is known to be mostly speculation and to base some of the movie on a speculative document seems to counter what Lifetime has stated about the movie as being "based on a true story". To be safe I believe viewers should think of this movie as fact mixed with a good deal of speculation, and not let the movie guide them to judgement as to the innocence or guilt of Amanda Knox. For those already aware of this case looking for a new twist, the movie will disappoint. For those who know almost nothing of the case- the movie may grab their interest, and could inspire them to dig into the real facts of the case. A word of warning- This movie should not be used to try and make a judgement about Amanda's guilt or innocence- it's a movie, not a documentary.

I would advise all those who see the movie (who are new to this case) to do some research into the actual case. In the view of many - including myself- Amanda Knox is innocent of the murder and is a victim of a miscarriage of justice. This is a complex case, and one will need to do their homework in order to come up with a valid conclusion as to Amanda's innocence. As for the movie- well, it's just a movie. In my opinion, Lifetime should wait for the appeal to be over to air it, but it looks like they are going forward in spite of a great deal of protest. Hopefully the movie will not stray too far from the known facts- and if it does- another post will be forthcoming.

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Daniel said...

I watched the movie and im absolutely sure there's no way in heck Amanda Knox had ANYTHING to do with the murder. Making some poor choices, maybe..but not murder.


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