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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Amanda Knox Appeal: Knox Will Win Appeal Despite Hate Sites Misinformation

I thought they had gone away- those sites which seemed to thrive off misleading people- those Amanda Knox haters who seem to wallow in her supposed guilt. At one time they were hard to avoid. They were trying hard to control public opinion, and would spout more misinformation on the Knox case then you were able to digest in one sitting- particularly if you did not know much about the case. And it is/was a complex case, but mainly because there were so many lies served-up to poison people's minds against Amanda Knox. It has always been a battle to separate the truth from the lies; Pressing one to study the case in depth in order to come to a clear conclusion as to her guilt or innocence.

Yet lately there has been a new offensive led by these old (and some new) sites which excel at bending the truth to fit their views. With the recent victories of Knox in court on the 'park bum eye-witness' and the DNA review by independent experts you would figure that they would simply shut up, and slip between the cracks- but like resistant roaches, when you spray them- they just get bigger. And just today I have read online three ridiculous articles of misinformation (that was long ago proved false) about bloody footprints and stolen money and cell phones, and staged break-ins, bleach receipts, etc.... Most  just can not accept the fact they were wrong, and some are just plain stupid and can't figure out the case anyway.....with a 'she looks guilty to me' mentality. See my post on these people "Why Some People Hate Amanda Knox and Her Supporters".

So, with the appeals case going so well for Amanda and Raffaele, why are these people still at it. One reason- and the most important reason- is that they are simply trying to confuse people who are new to the case by spouting misinformation and outright lies. In the end however, it won't matter. The judge in this case is after the truth and Judge Hellmann is just the man to overturn a wrongful conviction. He has shown from the start that he was after the truth by going after the two main reasons why Amanda Knox was convicted in the first place- the so-called eye witness and the DNA 'evidence', and both have taking a beating. The prosecution's case has completely fallen apart during this appeal and it just goes to show that Amanda Knox should never have been found guilty in the first place.

Amanda Knox will win her appeal Why? Because there is nothing to convict her. There is not, and never was a motive. There is nothing that ties her to the scene of the murder- no eye-witness, no DNA, no murder weapon- nothing. There is not even the despicable tabloids against her which had helped to convict her through 'character assassination' before the original trial. I can not help but admire this woman. She is not perfect- who is, but she has shown she can take a punch and has never lost her temper in all of this- despite all the injustice and humiliation she was forced to swallow. In a couple months it will all be over and she will at last be allowed to go free. After almost 4 years in prison- it's sad of course, but better late than never.


Anonymous said...

Well stated, and I agree 100%. Sometimes I do fear that the conviction will not be overturned, however, because so little in this whole 4-year-long case has made sense. If they could convict her the first time, why not a second? I pray she is home as soon as possible, and that she is allowed to live a simple, uneventful, even boring life in obscurity back home in Seattle with her family.

Anonymous said...

I really hope so. That she gets released soon. because this whole trial in my mind has just been so bogus. There is no evidence against the poor girl. how can they convict her and continue to hold her. Its all a big joke. I will be so mad if after this appeal she doesn't get aquitted. I am hoping and praying that she gets to go free soon, hopefully this year. She is a strong girl to hang in there, after all this. I'm sure justice will prevail in the end!

Anonymous said...

I am reading this book called "Mistakes were made but not by me: Why we justify foolish beliefs, bad decisions, and hurtful acts" by Carol Tarvis and Elliot Aronson and it reminds me so much of Amandas case. How the police use the Reid technique to interrogate and the false memories or imagination inflation that could lead an innocent person confess to a crime. It also explains the psychological self-justification process that prosecutors, etc go through even when they are confronted with disconfirming evidence. Its a good read.

Saint_Michael1 said...

Sorry for the delay in posting your comment. You will not be the only one who will be angry if Amanda fails to win her appeal. At this point it looks like she will win and be released soon- If she does not win I imagine all hell will break loose.


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