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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Amanda Knox Appeal: Knox Appeal Starts Up Again September 5th

September 1, 2011- It's been a quiet summer for the Amanda Knox case, with the court starting back up this Monday, September 5th. I urge everyone to rally to the cause because this is the end of it. One way or another this case will close during the month of September with the anti-Knox factions still blowing smoke. Expect to see someone the with initials F. M. to give it everything he's got to try and lessen the impact of the recent Knox victories which blew away the so called 'eye-witness' and DNA fairy-tale. Do not expect the prosecution to throw in the towel on this. These people do not do this- they should but they don't. They will remain defiant and poker-faced until the very end.

This is not an American cause, just because she happens to be American. This is a cause for everyone who hates injustice. And injustice is what this girl has had to swallow for almost four years. It's all going to end soon- I would say sometime this month (September) it's going to be over. And yes I really do believe that it is going to end in her favor. The most important reason I think so is because the head judge in this case is Judge Hellmann who has been directing this appeal in a very fair and balanced manner.

During the first and original trial it was a nightmare with the appearance of justice but who the hell wrote the script for that one. The newspapers were having a field-day with the most ridiculous stories- well, that's what sells the newspapers. And the jury was buying it up and looking at Knox with contempt before the trial even got off the ground. And then of course there was the so-called 'motivation report', which explained the reasons the judge and jury came to their conclusions- The most ridiculous and speculating legal document I have ever read. Even though it was over 400 pages I had to read it twice to make sure I got it right. But that was then- and a lot has changed since then.

Some people lately have left comments that they asked not to have published and I have respected their wishes. Most have stated that they fear that Italy will not release Amanda and Raffaele regardless of the new evidence in their favor. To these and others who may wonder, I say, do not worry about this. I personally feel that this whole mistake will be corrected. The prosecution has no case- and the world is watching. My feeling is that the error in the conviction has been revealed and that all will go well. Other people think a 'middle of the road' type thing will happen where Amanda will just get a reduced sentence and will remain in prison for years. I do not think that will happen. She is clearly innocent at this point and nothing but her release will right the wrong that has been done. A middle-road verdict will not put an end to this.  All of Amanda's supporters- Please follow this to the end and show your support. And please Judge Hellmann- as we say in America, and elsewhere- Do the right thing.

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