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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Amanda Knox Appeal: It's Over But A Few Loose Ends to Tie Off, Guede, Lumumba, Extradition, & Anti Knox Sites

October 13, 2011 - It's over now of course. The appeal is done and Amanda and Raffaele have won their freedom. But as I suspected, people opposed to Amanda Knox did not go away. Certain people (well we will just call them that for the time being) can not give it up, and continue with their hate war. Since the Italian appeals court has declared them innocent of this crime there has been a major dip in the attention spent on this case- and that is a good thing. It allows Amanda and Raffaele to go back to their lives and with a fresh start. Seems that other people do not want that to happen. But I can tell you (and you must know by now) that the majority of people no longer care about this case. The hits on major sites are way down now since the overturning of the conviction. But what pisses me off is that certain people who can not accept the verdict of innocent in the appeals trial keep trying to paint Amanda guilty. And it is not just certain sites but the news media at certain places in the UK and certain journalists to try and salvage their careers- since it is clear now that they were dead wrong in this case. Such is the price to pay of playing favorites- such as Mignini- in the absence of truth. Bad journalism period.

Yet there are certain loose ends to this case. Things that seem to go on needlessly. Which I think is simply a matter of ignorance of the facts. And that is the real purpose of this post. I will address all of them.

First you have the poor victim of Lumumba- Who calls himself the second victim. I see his face all over the news now. He was the one who did 2 weeks in jail as a result of what the police say is Amanda accusing him of the murder. Amanda didn't want him arrested for a murder he did not commit- it was the Italian police who were insisting on that- she simply complied under extreme pressure and abuse. So for Patrick Diya Lumumba's 2 weeks in prison for falsely being accused, Amanda Knox was sentenced (at the the Oct 3 2011 appeals verdict) to 3 years in prison. Yes that is correct- she got 3 years for his 2 weeks. That would seem more than enough punishment for going along with the Italian police hmm? No. Lumumba wants more money. That is what it is all about now days- Although he has already made money off this case he wants even more - oh yes, and his lawyer also- The one who went up against Knox in court like that prosecution were passive witnesses- The man Pacelli was calling her every name in the book- way out of line- All for the sake of a civil lawsuit for money. You see? When money is involved even justice has to take a back seat. With all the name calling by himself and his lawyer, and trying to keep Amanda in prison for life- he wonders why she did not say to him I'm sorry (again). What a mentality. Enough of Lumumba and his 2 weeks in jail- He has never had this much attention and money in his life at the expense of Amanda Knox. With Lumumba it is greed in it's lowest form. Yet, of course, he still calls himself the second victim- with his hand now constantly in the cookie jar, wringing it for every dollar he can get. Pathetic.

Then there is another loose end to this case and one the hate sites think is a good thing. Rudy Guede- you remember him- Like Mignini had said in court "Oh yes, blame it all on the poor black guy". This particular hate site says, and it may happen- that Rudy Guede may ask for a retrial since Amanda and Raffael were freed. I say by all means give him one. And this time make the sentence equal the crime- and give him life in prison which is what he deserves, not a lowly 16 years. Anyone this off the wall and brutal who murdered Meredith Kercher deserves to get a new sentence- the max. I hope he does get a retrial, I pray that he gets a retrial, and never gets out of prison to harm anyone else ever again. Geez- is Mignini up for this- or would this be considered a conflict of interest? Actually, I think a new prosecutor should try Guede and give him the sentence he deserves. I hate this man and I don't mind saying it. Yes, Please, a retrial. And let's see if he gets out of this one with his fifthy hands in Meredith Kercher's blood and his prints and DNA all over the room. Time for certain people in Italy to redeem themselves.

Then the other loose end is what the UK tabloids are spouting about, and this is that the Kercher family is set to sue Amanda Knox. Really? For what? She was found innocent of this crime as of October 3, 2011. This is not the OJ case. In this case there is nothing. No motive and no DNA and since there is a international base on this where would the trial take place? In Italy? No. Now who would be behind that- Maresca? Is he still the lawyer now that he has lost his gravy-train? Now in reality- the Kercher's could sue anyone. Yet it does not mean they would win. And in all probability they would not win as there is nothing against Amanda Knox and she is no longer an 'easy kill' for those with a strange sense of justice. Things change. Time to wake up and smell the coffee. Amanda Knox is no longer the scapegoat in this absurd case.

This was not one of the points intended but it has been on the net. I need to correct the lies that have been floating about this- Judge Hellmann did not say he thought Amanda guilty- That is a false statement by people who are out of cards to play. What he said was: That she could still be guilty though there was no proof/ evidence to support that thus the jury found her innocent of the crime. He was saying he doesn't really know and went with the absence of evidence. He never said he thought she was guilty.

The last loose end to tie up is that - and the Amanda hate sites are really holding out for this- That Amanda will have to go back to Italy if the Supreme court in Italy finds her guilty if Mignini and company wins an appeal to a higher court. Well they did promise to appeal to a higher court. Let me make this clear- This is pissing against the wind. Even as Judge Hellmann said, it is very doubtful if the United States would extradite Amanda to Italy if she was found guilty by the Supreme Court of Italy based on the prosecution's appeal- even if that were to take place. To these hate sites I say- Wake up for Christ sake- the United States is not going to give an American girl up to a bullshit case based on nothing to Italy for a case that in the U S is considered illegal- meaning - in the U S, you can not be tried for the same offense twice- it is called Double Jeopardy. Italy does not of course have this law but it holds in the US. So what I am saying is- there is no chance that the U S would give up Aamanda Knox to extradition to Italy in case her innocent verdict is overturned by the Italian supreme court. It will never happen. She is free now- live with it.

I would say to all those people out there who want to dwell on this case- forget it. That time is past now. Amanda Knox never hurt anyone. Just leave her alone to get on with her life. It is not so much a matter of compassion as it is of common decency. I think for all she has been through, it is a matter of respect- give it to her- I think she has earned that much.

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