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Friday, September 30, 2011

Amanda Knox Appeal: September 30, 2011 Prosecutor Mignini Makes His Final Attack In Desperation

September 30, 2011 - It was the last stand for the prosecution today and it was a desperate one. Mignini is clearly afraid of losing this appeal and as is usual he was hitting below the belt. Yet whether he knows it or not he was saying the most ridiculous things- and that shows desperation-"Oh yes, blame it all on the poor black guy", he says to the jury. What a thing to say- It was the 'black guy' who killed Meredith Kercher. Yet Mignini is so afraid that Amanda and Raffaele will go free that he uses the 'race card' to try and distort reality. It just goes to show this liar with a vivid, and certainly morbid imagination, will use anything at his disposal to try and save face, now that he is clearly losing this appeal.

Michelle Moore has approached Mignini at the court a couple days ago and shouted at him "You are evil". And that clearly put a scare into Mignini as witnesses said, so he had the police question her and she was led out of the courthouse. She was not arrested however according to police. Michelle- bravo girl- but take it easy- both you and Steve are out of your element over there. So try to keep a low profile, and as they say- Hey, be careful out there. Michelle and her husband Steve are pro-Amanda from the States so..... yes, be careful there.

Getting back to Mignini and his rants today- He said to the jury "Do you know what will happen if you absolve? She will run away abroad and we won't be able to do anything about it." Well why the hell not Mig, you are clearly not a tourist attraction over there, and you have busted all kinds of people on no evidence and have clearly abused your power and position. Now it is time for justice to roll. Thank God that you and your side-kick Comodi are done with your side of things. Now you will just have to wait for the verdict like the rest of us. But I think you know how that will turn out. What really pisses me off about Mignini is that he knows that Rudy Guede is the real killer yet he let him off lightly to get to his fantasy of the Knox and Sollecito involvement. This is really below contempt.

Amanda and Raffaele are due to give statements and then that will be the end of the appeals. The judges and jury will then retire and render their verdict. This is suppose to occur on Monday, but things could change. I have a good feeling about the verdict because I think that judges Hellman and Zanetti are intelligent and fair men, and will do the right thing in the interest of justice. Yet there is still the jury, so we will just have to wait and see, but I do not believe this appeals court will convict with no evidence. I think justice is at hand- finally.

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Saint_Michael1 said...

Sorry I could not publish your comment- and I will say it once again- I do not publish comments that contain misinformation and stated as fact. But I will address two of the things you mentioned.
First- Amanda did NOT buy 2 bottles of bleach- that is a myth.
Second- to say that Rudy Guede lived in Perugia for 3 years without commiting a crime is a completely ridiculous statement. He was a known thief who had broke into several places and stole things and was noticed at least twice to have had a knife in his possession.
Learn the facts of this case and then make an informed choice as to guilt or innocence.


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