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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Amanda Knox Appeal: Prosecutor Comodi Admits Knox & Sollecito Will Win Appeal

September 7, 2011- This morning the prosecution asked for a second review of the DNA and at this precise moment Judge Hellmann has not ruled on this but it is expected later today. The request is ridiculous of course but then again the prosecution is just about out of cards to play.

Earlier prosecutor Comodi seemed to think that Knox will win her appeal. I think reality finally caught up with her. She stated "There is an ill wind blowing in this case. The judge and his assistant are clearly against us. I can see Knox and Sollecito being freed which will be a shame as they are both involved." She then said that the prosecution will seek a second examination of the DNA. She then stated "I do not know if the judge will grant this or not, they are obviously against us." At this moment- the prosecution has indeed request the second test of the DNA but the court is still in session I believe at this moment.

The request seems to be a disparate attempt- a last ditch effort to keep Knox locked up. Personally, I think the innocent have suffered enough. A second test of the DNA would only mean another 3 months or more of Knox being in prison. And that is what "would be a shame". Whether Comodi really thinks Knox will win her appeal or if she is just trying to sway the court by saying the "court is against us"- I don't even want to guess. I do know one thing and that is that the prosecution has had more than enough time after 4 years to collect their imaginary evidence, and Knox and Sollecito should not remain in prison a day longer than is necessary to clear up this............. wrongful conviction.

Comodi can put it anyway she likes but the judge is not against her- he is simply no fool and realizes that the conviction of Amanda Knox was a huge mistake and is going with the evidence. In my opinion judge Hellmann has redeemed the world's faith in justice and a plus for the Italian justice system. The prosecution should get on their knees and ask God to forgive them- for keeping innocent people in prison this long.

The court is not done today so I will write another post when more is known.

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