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Friday, September 9, 2011

Amanda Knox Appeal: Even If Amanda Wins Her Appeal Will She Be Allowed To Leave Italy

September 9, 2011
As I was thinking that Amanda Knox would win her appeal and gain her freedom- it did cross my mind that maybe it would not be that simple- not in Italy- not concerning Amanda Knox. I really do hope this is a needless post, but considering what has happened to Amanda in Perugia Italy and considering who runs the show in that town- I get a really creepy feeling that something may go wrong even if she wins.

Consider for a moment that Amanda Knox wins her appeal. One would think people would be happy and she would take her time leaving and then fly home to Seattle and get on with her life. Right? Maybe. What if- and I hope I am just paranoid about this- the prosecution decides to get a little 'payback' for losing the appeal. Understand this- that once Amanda is outside that appeals court free- what is to stop Mignini and the police from preventing her from leaving Italy. Outside that courtroom Mignini runs the show. He walks around like he is the Duke of Lasagna and no one seems to be able to stop him or is afraid to even try. It's pathetic. Yet it is possible in reality that something else could happen.

You know I would like to blame this all on Candace Dempsey because she is the one who got me thinking. She stated in a blog of her's a couple days ago that the prosecution in Italy can also appeal her not guilty verdict in the appeals and that she should get out of Italy as fast as she can. Damn you Candace- it's all your fault : ) Seriously this was a good heads up on Candace's part and it should not be taken lightly.  That is very true. There is also a slander charge pending against Amanda and they could use that as an excuse to keep her in jail, even though she wins her appeal. And please people- don't tell me I am giving the prosecution ideas- If they are going to do something they already have it planned out.

So- what are the options to protect Amanda when she gets out? Yes, I am assuming that she will win her appeal. One would think of the U S State Dept but they have been pretty worthless so far as this case has gone and all they say is- You are subject to the laws of the country you are in- But they will mail letters to your family- that's nice.

In all honesty I really would be amazed if Mignini and company would actually dual with Amanda again but I know it is possible- Hey, these people do not like to lose and this is the most important case on an international scale they will ever deal with- and they lost? I do not trust these people.

The only person I trust in this case is Judge Pratillo Hellmann, but what can he do outside his courtroom. Hopefully he can protect Amanda after she is acquitted. This I do not know. I am not up on the separation of powers in Italy. If he can protect her- I hope that he does and sees that she leaves Italy safely.

To Amanda's family I say- get her the hell out of there as quickly as possible- It's no joke. Who can trust these prosecutors and the Perugia police- Sorry but considering what has happened- who would? Make plans ahead of time and get out of there- just in case.

Well, I  would rather be called paranoid then have Amanda back in jail on some coup by the prosecution. Better safe than sorry. Who can dispute that considering all that has happened.  This nightmare will be over when Amanda wins her appeal and is back home in Seattle safe. It's not my fault that I had to bring this up- Candace did it- but she was right.

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