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Monday, September 19, 2011

Amanda Knox Appeal: Countdown To Freedom

September 19, 2011- It's all winding down now- not in intensity, but in time. After nearly four years of being locked away in Italian prisons, Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito are on the last stretch of their appeal, and two weeks from now or sooner- it will all be over. Few criminal cases in the last 100 years have provoked such intense international interest and debate.

Yet this case is not a mystery, only an injustice waiting to be corrected. There is a murderer, and his name is Rudy Guede. That part is certainly no mystery as all the evidence points to him, and him alone. If there is a mystery in this case, it is why prosecutor Mignini and his police chose to involve Knox and Sollecito in this crime when none of the evidence found in the murder room pointed to them. Do not forget that they were arrested before evidence was collected and properly tested. Although I have my own opinions- and I am sure others do also- I can not say with any certainty that I  understand Mignini's motives- only what it appears to be. And there is no sense in trying to understand this prosecutor's mentality anymore than there is debating why some mental patients try to pick flowers off the wallpaper. Although I do think there is a common denominator- and it's called illusion, or perhaps 'wishful thinking' is a better way to put it, at least on Mignini's part, because..........I think he knows better. And that is why this needless witch hunt was beneath contempt. You can expect more 'smoke and mirror' acts at the end of the week when the prosecution has it's final moments in this case, starting Friday the 23rd. I can not imagine how they are going to try and convince an intelligent and informed judge, that despite the fact- there is no motive, and despite the fact- there is no reliable DNA evidence, no witnesses, and in fact nothing at all that places Knox or Sollectito in the murder room- yet...... they did it.  I have to see this.

Lately, I have seen a few, of what some call- the guilters- well, I don't see them exactly- only what they write for comments on various sites : ) Of course that's not a real word- but it may find a place soon in the American Slang Dictionary. It simply refers to those people who think Amanda and Raffaele are guilty. It's in common use now, but I don't know who actually coined that word. You don't hear too much out of them these days, but I did note that one of the comments (quite a few in fact) came from someone using the logo from one of the infamous Anti-Amanda sites. Whether this was a valid use of that site's logo or not I don't know- all I know is that what this person was saying was completely off the wall. They were stating as fact one lie right after another. Things that have long ago been disproved were being rambled off as if it was some last-ditch effort to lead the naive astray. It was almost surreal, considering all that has been revealed in the last few months about the prosecution's case- which has been basically shot to hell, and beyond redemption. Beyond the misinformation that was being fired-off, the statement that Amanda would lose her appeal and that the conviction would hold on the evidence, left me wondering, what exactly afflicts this person. It was really pathetic because they were not backing what they were saying with facts, but with simple speculation and lies.

Now- to anyone suffering from the same affliction, I will leave you with some FACTS that may remedy what ails you. At the beginning of this appeal, the judge stated before the court that you can not convict a person unless it is beyond a reasonable doubt. Then he stated that the only thing known for a fact about this case was that Meredith was murdered. Get it? He wasn't satisfied at all with the original trial, and rightly so. Then he allowed the heroin addicted park bum to testify again (he blew-it), and the re-examination of the DNA by court appointed experts (who basically gave the prosecution's DNA fantasies a decent burial). The prosecution has completely bombed out at this appeals, and what do you think the man who said, you can not convict unless it's beyond a reasonable doubt, thinks now? It is my opinion that anyone who thinks Knox and Sollecito will lose their appeal are either greatly misinformed of this case- or, they need shock treatments, and should stay away from floral wallpaper.

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