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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Amanda Knox Appeal: Judge Hellmann Denies Prosecution's Request For Retest- All Looks Good For Knox

September 7, 2011- Judge Hellmann has just denied the prosecution's request for a second test of the DNA. This is great news for Knox supporters. The judge has set the next hearing for Sept 23rd for the closing of the appeal before the final verdict. It is a wonderful thing to see the flip-side of the original trial- which to me was a mockery of justice.

The original trial had turned my stomach and reminded me of the trial of Jeanne de Arc (Joan of Arc). No I am not comparing Saint Joan to Amanda, but that it was of similar circumstances- the verdict in advance of the evidence. A trial tainted and a rush to judgement. Thank God for a fair judge in this case. Hopefully the jury will see the truth and set Amanda and Raffaele free. I do believe that is what is going to happen. But unlike Comodi who thinks they will win and it is a shame- I think it is justice at last. And like I said before- the prosecution should get on their knees in church and beg God to forgive them for they have created evil rather than good by keeping innocents in prison for years.

I do believe that Amanda will go free now. No it is not official and I am getting ahead of things. But even prosecutor Comodi knows it is over- finally over. All that remains is it to be official and for Amanda and Raffaele to go free.

To Stephanie Kercher I say- the world feels your sorrow and knows that your sister's life was taken, but do not be mislead by what lawyers say- Amanda Knox did not kill your sister. The murderer is in jail and his name is Rudy Guede- You have your murderer but the shame of that is that he has only 16 years to do for the rape and murder of your sister. No longer hold your anger against Knox and Raffaele they are innocent of this. Hurting two innocent people for a crime they had nothing to do with will not bring  closure to this sadness. It troubles me that you think that justice will be done if Amanda stays in jail but do you not see that innocents can not pay the price for your sister's death? It was not that she was guilty one day but innocent the next- She was innocent to begin with. Your family has suffered a great loss and for that I am sorry as so many others feel as well. If you really want closure- open your heart and see that these two people who have been in prison for almost 4 years have also had their lives taken from them. Justice is at hand if Amanda and Raffaele go free. I hope you could accept this, if not, that only tells me that you do not know that facts of this case and should look beyond what your lawyer tells you. The truth is the truth- it is not always in the eye of the beholder- as if it were a matter of opinion. This appeals court was based on facts and in my way of thinking the innocent went down with the guilty. I mean no disrespect by saying these things to you- May you find peace, which is outside the scope of this trial. I hope your family finds insight into this, and does not hold the freedom of the defendants as murderers gone free but rather innocents released. Peace to you and your family.

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