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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Amanda Knox Appeal: Is Ann Coulter's Take On the Amanda Knox Case A Stunt Or Is She Simply Wrong Again

September 14, 2011- Ann Coulter is a lawyer, an author, and a political commentator, so you would figure that this woman would be well informed or at least cautious about what she spouts. Anyone who has read Coulter's books and read her commentaries should know that it seems like she could really give a rat's ass about offending anyone- but this time she was way off the map.

Her article of September 7th on the Amanda Knox case was simply unreal- even for her. Not only did she ramble off sheer speculation (because that is what she was quoting), the so-called Motivation report of the first trial which even this current appeals judge does not accept. Calling up things that simply stirred-the-pot, yet has no basis in recent reality. It makes one wonder what does this woman thinks she is doing besides trying to get her name involved in a big international murder case. I really don't know. I do know that she does not play it safe and is known for just speaking her mind- hey, that's fine, but don't you think you should know what you are talking about first- You know, kind of have a grip on the facts before you just start spouting off.

Listen honey- most of the things you have said about Amanda Knox are either speculation from the original trial (which intelligent people do not buy into) or misinformation spread by the prosecutor's office in Perugia. What are you going to do when Amanda is released later this month? Actually, I don't think you really care- one way or another. Political commentaries are one thing- fooling with people's lives is another.

Listen if you haven't got the time to do your own research into this case than I am sure you could hire someone to do it for you. That way you would not look like you do at this point. Was it simply for the publicity, or was it that you just bought into bad information? I really don't know. One thing is for sure- I am sure you remember from law school the definitions of the words: wrongful conviction, malicious prosecution, and most importantly- libel and slander.

Just my opinions of course- how would I know? Just like you.


Anonymous said...

Well look, there has always been a cultural war aspect to this case. Seattle is a fairly liberal city and the behavior of a liberated and independent minded Amanda Knox who goes and gets what she wants (e.g. Raffaele) doesn't fit the model image that conservatives have of children/women -- despite that she is a kind person and good student by all accounts.

I am therefore not surprised at all that not only Ann Coulter, but the Bill O'Reilly's and Nancy Grace's of the world, and guilters also, are invested in destroying her. She's only a symbol to them.

This is further reinforced by the comparisons often made to the "dignified" Kercher family (code for well-groomed and proper), who are frequently trotted out like some prop. I think the two families have more in common than some of these nuts would like to believe, in that they both suffered loss from man-made injustice. Sometimes social identity and ideological issues make people forget their basic humanity. Sad.

Saint_Michael1 said...

Thank you for a very thoughtful and meaningful observation. Sorry I didn't comment on this before- I think your comment got by me on the 4th as the site that day was swamped with Amanda being freed the day before.
I think it is true that some of these anti-liberal types would like to destroy Amanda Knox- but they won't- in my opinion- be able to do much on that. They are by far the minority on this issue. And besides, most people hate bullies, which is what they are beginning to look like.
Thanks for commenting.


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