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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Amanda Knox Appeal: Francesco Maresca Uses Shock Tactics To Counter Reality- No Evidence

September 27, 2011- I was not going to post on Maresca's fiasco in court yesterday but some people have asked why I did not. Simply put, after reading Steve Moore's post on his blog I figured that was enough to suffice- he stated the case well enough. After all Maresca is not the prosecution- he is only a civil lawyer looking to collect money from the Knox family for the Kercher family suit against the murderers of Meredith Kercher. As has been said before- If Amanda and Raffaele walk after this appeals, Maresca stands to lose money- he certainly can not get anything from Rudy Guede- who has not had the chance to sell any dope lately.

The only thing I really want to bring up now is that I agree with a great many people- including Steve Moore and some important journalists- in Italy, US and UK, who were appalled at the display in court yesterday of graphic and disturbing images of Meredith Kercher - photographed as she was found. What was the point of this? It is not Maresca's job to try and prove guilt but yes he does stand to lose a lot of money if Amanda and Raffaele go free- so I guess that was the only motive to do this.

Maresca had said to the jury that it was not his intention to shock but only to show how Meredith had suffered. Does anyone actually believe that? Of course it was to shock and to show how she was brutally murdered and to suggest that Knox and Sollecito are to be hated as this was obviously their doing- But of course there is no evidence to prove any such thing- Yet it does stoke the emotions as he well knows.

This was nothing more than a trial tactic to disgust the jury- in the absence of evidence. It came without warning- suddenly there on a big screen one gory photo after another popped up and no one had a chance to leave as it was not revealed in advance that it was going to take place. Not only Amanda but several people on the jury turned their heads from the images. There was no real point in showing those photos - they were shown before - but it was revealed in advance and the room cleared- This time no one had a choice.

Nothing surprises me anymore about this case- I am sure it has given a great many people insight though. My personal observation is that I think, despite being just a civil lawyer, Maresca should try and find a place with the prosecution- they seem to be cut from the same cloth. Ask yourselves this- how does this display by Maresca honor the memory of Meredith Kercher? To show her like that- only for the sake of a civil lawsuit for money- Pathetic!


Anonymous said...

The Kercher family, it seems from news after the verdict, is finally coming around to the idea that maybe they've had the wrong people in jail... I know they are a good respectable family who want some closure and of course the truth. I knew that with time they will start to ask the right questions -- of the prosecution, the police, and those involved who had the ability to conduct a thorough investigation but did not and instead went on a witch hunt. It just saddens me that Maresca and the prosecution took advantage of the family's vulnerability to brainwash them for their own selfish ends and to cover for their incompetence.

Saint_Michael1 said...

I think with a little time the Kercher family will realize that the prosecution were accusing the wrong people and that justice was done with the prosecution losing it's case. I think they were used by the prosecution and in time the Kerchers will come to realize that. Thanks for the input.

Anonymous said...
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kamarabe john said...

how could the judges real take benefit of the speculations from the learned council to find a case against the defendant?its really unfounded and inconsistent to the law in italy. i have heard a the benefit of comprehending the rule of double jeopardy and have no doubt as to whether its not the law in a free and democratic country like italy if its not the law, then italy is not a democratic country

michellesings said...

Oh I wish that your hopes about the #Kercher family had come to fruition. Instead of this happening, unfortunately, as Arline (the mother of Meredith Kercher) is quoted in a picture of her saying "they killed her because they were everything she (Meredith) wasn't".
And now, here is is 2 1/2 yrs. later, now Rudy is even becoming the saint in all of this? What the heck? How is this continuing getting even more and more screwed up?
As if.
As if Meredith would have cheated on her (then) boyfriend. I'm sorry, but everything I've heard about Meredith does NOT make her seem like the kind of girl who would set up a spontaneous date with another guy and then meet only for SEX! ??? No getting to know each other? #Meredith's British friends and flatmates don't believe this either.
Rudy Guede was a huge liar. Surely the family doesn't believe him right????
I don't know if it's OK to post a link to an article here, but this is what one of the Spanish friends (now a journalist) said in the 10 days before Rudy murdered Meredith. Here it is: It's worth knowing what it says for sure. I'm truly astounded at what is happening. And I'm shocked that Maresca, Biscotti, and Mignini are all buddies. Shocking...

Saint_Michael1 said...

It's all a big mess. Italy convicts two innocent people- again. The real killer rudy guede gets a light sentence. The Kerchers are no wiser as to what happened, but still think Amanda and Raff had something to do with it. This is a case where facts and common sense are completely overlooked. I can't wait to see the judge's reasoning report which is due in a couple months- it will add one more sick chapter to this ridiculous case.


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