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Monday, September 26, 2011

Amanda Knox Appeal: September 26, 2011 Amanda Knox Is Abused By Cowardly Lawyers At Appeal

September 26, 2011- Well I finally reached my limit on this appeal. It was absolutely contemptible what occurred today at the appeals trial. Such a cowardly show of force against a young American woman who was not able to defend herself- where even her family was forced to suck up this injustice- staring down and shaking their heads in disbelief. Is this justice?

Knox, surrounded by prison guards at the defendant's table, listening to the garbage fired at her - calling her every name in the book- split personality, satanic, demonic, she devil, liar, deceiver- and on an on like that. And who was that coming from- 'Patrick' Lumumba's lawyer who's name is Carlo Pacelli.

Well now- I am not in Italy- I am an American, born and bred and therefore I am within my rights and within my country to give it back to you. I am not under the law in Italy therefore I can speak the truth. And in this country you have to lie in order to be convicted of slander and, hey, I will not lie.

'Patrick Lumumba has dollar signs in his eyes and so does his lawyer. He has slandered Amanda Knox but is allowed to get away with it because she is in prison and is the accused. Lumumba says he has been so hurt from what Knox accused him of- Bullshit- you have never had this much attention in your life and you are looking for money in a civil suit with your lawyer Pacelli- Who does this guy think he is- to call this defendant all the names that he has, like he knows anything for a fact. The truth is- Amanda is on her own and no one can help her there except these judges and jury. The lawsuit lawyers have never been in the international spotlight before so I guess it looks like a good calling card. You lowlifes.

Understand this people- Lumumba spent 2 weeks in jail, but Amanda was sentenced to a year in prison for that- but still he wants money and fame as does his lawyer. So they get to abuse her even though she has already done that year in prison. And if anyone should pay it should be the Perugia police who forced that out of Amanda. They were looking for a black man due to a hair they found and the message on Amanda's cell phone had a call from Lumumba- a black man. They were really looking for Rudy Guede but they didn't know that yet so Lumumba being black they set their sites on him. So they grilled her over and over illegally and abused her and terrorized her until she gave them what they wanted to hear. I think, under the circumstances that is understandable. The Perugia police terrorized her into it and now she looks like the bad person.

Of course, you can not go against the police in Italy because it's against the law- But in the United States Of America- it is not. In this country if the police abuse you- you have the right to say so. You have the right to defend yourself at your own trial, and if the police are at fault and you say so- you are not held for slander. Now I have said what has been on my mind- brought about through witnessing the abuse of Amanda Knox today. It was a shameful display, and it is killing her I think. I still have faith in the judges and jury of this appeals. Hopefully they can see through all the lies and drama and do the right thing.

 I am sorry for the pain Amanda and her parents have suffered; They have to take it all in silence.  I on the other hand am not in Italy- otherwise some people might be banging on the door as I type this. But as a great many people know who are watching this case closely- they know that when all of this is over, whatever the outcome- there will be a reckoning.


Anonymous said...

She is guilty just face it. If she was a minority and not white, who would give a f..k.....

Saint_Michael1 said...

I certainly do not agree with you on either count. In the U S there was a black man on death row who had the support of a great many people black and white- including politicians and even the pope in Italy. Although he was executed earlier this month there was a vast number of people who had taken his side due to a lack of evidence against him. Knox is not the first and won't be the last who is caught up in injustice. If people do not try to right injustices- then the world becomes a sad place indeed.
Knox is innocent as this appeals court knows- unlike you it knows the facts.


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