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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Amanda Knox Appeal: For Tomorrow Sept 23rd What Does the Prosecution Have Up It's Sleeve?

September 22, 2011- In all slight of hand- in cards- in life- and in jury trials, particularly this one involving Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito in Perugia Italy, one wonders what is the last card to be played by the prosecution. The world has heard that prosecutor Comodi said "they will go free". Do not buy that the prosecution will lie down on this. The prosecution built their case on smoke and mirrors during the first trial and I don't think it will be any different now- after all, it worked the first time. Hopefully they would redeem themselves and just call it quits- but I don't think that is what is going to happen- unfortunately. People like this do not throw in the towel- they just get out more mirrors and smoke machines. I know- it's pathetic, but that is usually how it goes. So what does the prosecution have up it's sleeve- now that they have just about lost this case?

I think their biggest card to play is someone from the Kercher family to lend the 'sympathy' card. Which always happens when someone in question may walk free- and try to influence the jury to feel sorry for their loss- but what? To convict people who are innocent just to say oh now we have 'closure'.  The Kercher lawyer Franceso Maresca delivered a letter to the press- as obscure as it was it still seemed to want justice but what justice is that and from whose perspective?

As much as my heart goes out to the Kercher family I think it is time to ask yourselves- are we wrong- could it be that the prosecutor and police in this case have screwed this up and are tying to convict innocents along with the guilty (Rudy Guede)? And by lending their voice to the prosecution- and as Maresca says, maybe Stephanie Kercher may come to give a statement. is this the right thing to do or is it a very wrong action to take?

In all honesty, I do not think anything can stop Amanda Knox from going free- because that is what this case has produced- innocence from the facts that have come to light. Why some people persist in the face of reason - I will never know. All I can say is what others do not say outright.

The prosecution had loaded motives I think. They had their own agenda. Mignini is known for criminal activities and it is not beyond him to do this trial with cards up his sleeve.

Maresca has something to win or lose. The prosecution's case is something that would not hold in the UK of the US- and they know it. The only good thing about this Italian trial is that Judge Pratillo Hellmann who has been a fair judge and tried to do his duty and this is a good thing to see.

I ask all- to stop and think and evaluate the evidence, and do not play into a corrupt system where the prosecutor thinks he/ she can manipulate people to bring about a false judgement.

As most people know- Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito are innocent. This case will not go away until Amanda and Raffaele are found innocent of this crime. Everyone feels sorrow for the victim of this crime Meredith Kercher, yet realize that the murderer has been caught and imprisoned- Rudy Guede.

Other people have suffered in this case. The prosecutor and police in Perugia did an injustice to arrest Amanda Knox and Raffael Sollecito. Yes they made a mistake. They took away four years of these young people's lives. All they ask is for justice to set them free. There are no more smoke and mirror acts that will fool people- that time is over. People are well aware now what has gone on- for shame.

 A great many people around the world hope this judge and jury does the right thing, and release Amanda and Raffaele. Nothing else will suffice. Free the innocent.

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