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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Amanda Knox Appeal: Defense Puts Up A Good Fight In Perugia- It Should Be Enough

September 29, 2011-  Information is slow at this time in Perugia at the Amanda Knox hearing- why? I have no idea. There are probably more first rate reporters in Perugia right now than anywhere. Yet only a trickle of information is coming through.

It is reported that Knox lawyer Dalla Vedova has spoken passionately at this hearing going over certain issues such as the false confession - a product of hostile police. And also that Knox's rights were violated.  And the image of Knox blown way out of proportion by the prosecution.

We will have to wait later in the day to get all the details. In a way there is something disturbing about this appeals trial. It is like a contest of who you believe- almost like who puts on the best show. That should not be what this is about - but it is.

Somewhere the truth has taken a back seat for those of you watching. The truth is- Knox is just a girl from Seattle who got caught up in all of this. And who is to blame? It is the prosecution who has pushed this into farce this far. Four years is a long time- but in prison, four years is much longer. All can argue that oh Amanda is this or that- a she-devil or Jessica Rabbit. Yet the fact remains that there is no evidence against Amanda and Raffaele that proves them guilty of this crime.

And that is the whole point. As this judge- Judge Hellmann has stated you can not convict unless it is beyond a reasonable doubt- that is the law in Italy now. And I think most of the world who knows about this case has a very reasonable doubt. Although both sides are competing against each other- it should be the truth that holds. There is no evidence that proves guilt- it should not be a debate- but such is the way it is done.

We will not know the outcome to this until it is over- all else is speculation as to how the jury sees it. That is the hard part to all of this- how the jury sees it. Let's hope that they can see what has happened here. The injustice that has happened, and give these two young people back their lives.

This is not a plea. Not even a call to justice. At this point in time with all that has been revealed- it is common sense. The prosecution has lied in this case- it is deplorable. The defendants in this case are not monsters but victims of injustice. While everyone would like to place people into a mold for easier classification, Knox is not an angel and nor is she a she-devil or witch- and nor is she Jessica Rabbit- she is just a girl from Seattle who was caught up in the fantasies of a corrupt prosecutor and nailed to the wall. Now- if there is any justice in this Italian nightmare- let's see it. The innocent have suffered enough.

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