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Monday, September 12, 2011

Amanda Knox Appeal: Should Amanda Be Freed And Go Back To Seattle? Yes!

September 12, 2011-
I see that there is a new angle on the Amanda Knox case- a poll which asks if she should be allowed to go back to Seattle- this no doubt is a reflection on the lack of news while people wait for the verdict. The internet now is very slow on the Knox case. The simple answer to why is because most people now expect her to be released- that's right- no more war, no more debating, no more lies to fool people. This case and public opinion has completely come about- a 180 degree turn. Her detractors have all but disappeared.

Yes I checked- On the most notorious site against Amanda Knox, instead of drumming up fictions and applauding her conviction- now (as I checked) they argue about whether Amanda was wearing a bra or not in court. I was amazed- commenting on her wardrobe and if she was wearing a bra was the recent news on this pathetic site- yes you know who you are. These sites now are all but abandoned with nothing to talk about except foolishness.

Now recently a poll asks if Amanda Knox should be allowed to go free and back to Seattle. Well I think that is going to happen anyway regardless of the outcome of polls. Yet the fact is, no one can tell a free person where she can go and when this is all over-which it will be very soon- no one can libel a person who has been freed. So those who want to continue their rants on guilt should watch their tongues so as not to be sued. Yes I know that is what the Italian prosecutors like to do but when she is free- watch your tongue in the U S. Trash the police if you like here but do not libel the innocent. Laws are still laws.

The sad part of all of this and I mean beyond the false conviction, is that Amanda being the person she is, was so badly hurt by all of this. It was not the 4 years in prison as much as the public opinion against her in the beginning that hurt her. She could not bear to think that people thought her guilty of this crime. That is what bothered her more than anything. She was not perfect of course- who is- but could you or I have done better under the circumstances? I do not think so.  She is unusual yes, but that is what makes her appealing to the press and a target for the prosecution. She is photogenic and seemed an ideal target for the press, but now in a good way because there is nothing against her anymore.

When people look back on this case- what will they see? I do not think Amanda Knox will ever be in question- More like, Why did Mignini get to have his way in this case. Why did Rudy Guede  (the real killer) get off with only 16 years, and can they do anything to increase that?  Why do the Kerchers feel the way they do in spite of all the evidence- (Maresca?).  And is it not possible for the prosecution to just lay down arms in the face of all the facts- yes it is .

Understand this- Prosecutor Comodi did not say that Amanda might go free from any sense of compassion- she said it out of the menality that there was nothing left to win. All that was necessary was that there be a fair judge and jury, and that is what Amanda is getting this time- no mystery- just justice.


RoseMontague said...

Thank you for continuing to follow this case. Hopefully we are nearing the time when Raffaele can go home. I think their are very clear indications the the judge will accept the recommendations of the C&V report and consider the bra clasp and knife blade evidence to be unreliable. The heroin addicted drug dealing memory addled homeless park bench bum has already been laughed out of court.

I think it is amusing how the rest of the mountain of evidence proclaimed by those believing in guilt actually support innocence. Pro-guilt posters love to repeat such things by spouting out phrases like "cell phone records", "computer activity", and "Luminol prints" all of which if carefully examined actually indicate innocence.

Mr. Memory is a joke and the Miracle Ear lady is dazed and confused. This judge knows the only reason Raffaele and the Knox girl were found guilty is because the system in Perugia wanted them to be guilty, not because of the evidence.

Keep up the good work Saint_Michael1.

Saint_Michael1 said...

Hi Rose- you are right on all counts. You are right on the button when you say that the very things that pro-guilt posters give as 'proof' of R&K guilt- is actually evidence that they are innocent. That is why I have often stated the the ones who actually believe R&K are guilty, are either ignorant of the facts of the case, or are simply stupid.
I think it is wonderful that this whole case has turned around in Amanda's and Raffaele's favor- but it certainly took long enough didn't it?
Thanks for commenting Rose. It's always nice to hear from you.

Saint_Michael1 said...

To the British person,
I could not publish your comment due to the misinformation it contained. While you started your comment with "I believe" it quickly degenerated into a list of things known not to be true such as "rushed out to buy bleach and clean the crime scene..." The bleach buying and clean-up is not true- It was 'leaked' to the press long ago that there was a receipt that proved Amanda bought bleach the following morning but this was misinformation from the prosecutor's office- no such receipt exists- in short, it was a lie. Another thing you said which is not true is that "there was blood everywhere". Who said that? If you are looking at photos of the bathroom, the pink substance you are seeing is not blood but a solution applied for testing that turns pink- but these photos were released by the prosecutor's office without explaining that- the bathroom did not look like that before police applied the substance. Also there is no evidence that the crime scene was cleaned- that is another misleading statement by the prosecutor's office.
Either state things as your own opinion or as fact if it is a known fact- speculation and lies put forth as the truth can not be published on this site- This is a rule that I have stated 50 times in the last year. It appears you have acquired some bad information and are trying to present it as fact. Check things out before you start to believe them.


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